Russia plans to Send Actor to Space before America sends Tom Cruise!

The Space Race is back on again!

2020 hasn’t been a great year as far as movies and Hollywood are concerned. However, there have been some pretty big announcements for the future. One of the biggest ones was Tom Cruise and Doug Liman’s $200 million space movie that’ll be the first Hollywood feature film shot completely in space. However, chances are that Russia might beat America and Tom Cruise in sending the first actor into space!

Russia joins the space race against Tom Cruise!

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According to a report from Sky News last month, Channel One is joining hands with Russian space agency Roscosmos for the film “Challenge”. And they’re aiming to send an actress to space to shoot a movie at the International Space Station (ISS) in 2021! And if they’re successful, they can beat Tom Cruise in becoming the first actor to shoot a film in space. The casting announcement posted by Roscosmos states that they’re looking for:

A real superhero to go to the stars…at the same time as becoming a big international star.

To do so, they’ve arranged an open casting call to find the actress. They don’t necessarily have to be professional actors. However, they must be between the age of 25 to 40, along with being physically fit and Russian citizens. Out of those pre-requisites, there are at least 2 that Tom Cruise does not qualify for…

The Sky News article further said:

The actress must weigh between 50 and 70 kg and have a ‘chest girth’ of up to 112 cm… Additionally, she must be able to run 1 km in three-and-a-half minutes or less, swim 800 m freestyle in 20 minutes, and dive from a three-meter springboard with an impressive technique.

Details about the movie

If Russia is successful, then Tom Cruise will have to speed up his own bid to be the first to shoot an entire movie in space. News broke out in May that he’ll be partnering with NASA and Elon Musk’s aerospace manufacturing company SpaceX to shoot a film onboard the ISS. Moreover, director Doug Liman will be at the helm of the film, who has worked with Cruise on Edge of Tomorrow.  The script is being written and will include some incredible action sequences too.

Moreover, according to Variety, this movie will not be landing on any streaming service when it launches. This is because Cruise wants the audience to enjoy the film completely on the big screen. Plus, who can blame him? He has to make sure the film generates a profit.

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