Influencer Jay Alvarrez leaked s*x tape without ex-girlfriend Sveta Bilyalova’s consent

Jay Alvarrez and Sveta Bilyalova were in a relationship but they ended breaking up. Though this wasn’t a normal breakup and Sveta had to go through something terrible. Jay Alvarrez leaked their old s*x tape without her permission and consent. What’s more, is that Jay even tried to blackmail Sveta.

In a tell-all YouTube video, Sveta shared her side of the story

‘This is all Jay wanting attention, wanting money, wanting people to see that his d*ck is not that small.’

The tape included ‘coconut oil’ so it’s been making rounds on social media as the coconut oil tape. Alvarrez posted the video on P*rnhub and gained a lot of attention. The content of the video wasn’t the only thing that people were talking about, it also received attention due to the song ‘Pass the Dutch’ playing in the background.

Unfortunately, a lot of influencers made jokes about it on Twitter and TikTok. It especially got popular when David Dobrik and Logan Paul talked about it publicly.

Sveta Bilyalova said that the tape was leaked without her consent. And it was just one of the ways for Jay Alvarrez to try and blackmail her. YouTube took down her video but here’s what she said.

Bilyalova claims that Alvarrez released it because he wanted attention and fame. But those weren’t the only reasons. As per Bilyalova, Alvarrez wanted to show his other ex-girlfriend Alexis Ren, that he has a big p*nis. And another reason was that Alvarrez wanted money.

Moreover, P*rnHub also allegedly told Sveta Bilyalova that a lot of home s*x tapes they get on the platform are from ex-boyfriends. Which just makes me lost hope for humanity.

Sveta warns her followers to be careful

“Even if you trust a person, you don’t know what they are capable of. You never know.”

Sveta also urged her female viewers to be careful when making such content with their boyfriends or when sending explicit pictures and videos of themselves. She advised them to hide their faces.

Moreover, Sveta Bilyalova also shared an alleged conversation with Jay Alvarrez. In one of the text messages, Alvarrez is threatening to post their s*x tape if she did not call him. Sveta also said that Alvarrez changed his phone number after posting the tape.

Sveta also thinks that Jay is going to post two more videos because he claimed there were 3 videos in total. But she is not embarrassed by it:

“I have nothing to be embarrassed about. After all, who doesn’t have s*x?”

Plus, she said that she will now stop talking about the issue. She just wanted to clarify her side of things surrounding the tape incident. And Sveta had one last message addressed to Jay:

“It’s not my goal to talk sh*t about [Jay]. Jay, if you’re watching this, I feel very sorry for you. And I hope that things will get better for you in life and that you will actually get better. … You can’t treat people like this.”

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