Black Mirror Creator Charlie Brooker’s ‘Death to 2020’ is just what we need

No one can make sense of 2020. Many even joked that this insane year was something straight out of a Black Mirror episode, a dark dystopian reality. But if it can be anyone, it seems like it would be the creator of Black Mirror himself, Charlie Brooker!

Who is behind the movie?

Now, we didn’t get a new Black Mirror episode paralleling our abysmal reality of 2020. But we are getting a film that will attempt to make some sense of what the hell happened this year. Introducing Charlie Brooker’s ‘Death to 2020’, a mockumentary featuring a group of fictional characters that recall the events of this year. Along with Charlie Brooker, Annabel Jones also serves as a creator of the film.

Jones and Brooker have previously worked together on multiple projects such as Black Mirror. They have even done some big shows in the UK such as Newswipe and Screenwipe.

The group actually consists of big names in Hollywood, Hugh Grant, Lisa Kudrow, Samuel L. Jackson, Leslie Jones, Diane Morgan, Joe Keery, Samson Kayo, Cristin Milioti, and Kumail Nanjiani. It will arrive on 27th December 2010 on Netflix.

Check out the trailer for ‘Death to 2020’

We get to see Samuel L. Jackson play a news reporter, Lisa Kudrow a conservative politician, Hugh Grant a historian, Samo Kayo as a scientist, and Kumail Nanjiani as a tech CEO. Meanwhile, Joe Keery, Diane Morgan, and Cristin Milioti are playing average citizens. Tracey Ullman is going to be playing the Queen.

Death to 2020 seems like it’s going to be taking a hit at all the major sectors of society. Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones also made a similar special for a British audience called ‘Charlie Brooker’s Antiviral Wipe’.

Sometimes the only way to process the depressing reality is through comedy. Charlie Brooker has seemed to perfected the art of telling the dark reality through his cynical lens in a way that delights the audience. It’s something that is going to help us all make some sense of what the hell we just went through.

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