‘Altered Carbon’ fans need to check out this Sci-Fi Series on Netflix

Cyberpunk is a fine genre that has had a massive influence on Sci-Fi since the days of Blade Runner. And Altered Carbon is indeed a fine and quite popular show in that sub-genre. As a result, it’s premature end caused a lot of hurt among fans. However, sci-fi and cyberpunk fans don’t need to go anywhere. There’s an incredible sci-fi series just like Altered Carbon on Netflix that they seriously need to check out!

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Altered Carbon was indeed a very insightful show. Its first season ranks easily among one of the finest cyberpunk content ever made. Moreover, it gave an incredible insight as to how the human race would treat immortality, and how capitalism would impact it. However, the second season of the show strayed far away from what made the show great. As a result, we saw a significant dip in quality. And that was a reason why the show ended up being abandoned by Netflix.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for fans. There’s another sci-fi show that they can now turn to, which is a TV show just like Altered Carbon. And the best part is that it is on Netflix!

The Netflix original you need to watch if you love Altered CarbonTravelers

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The series we’re referring to sci-fi fans out there is none other than Netflix’s Travelers. And once you hear of the premise, I’m dead sure you guys will be lining up to watch this show.

In Travelers, the future of humanity is bleak. Therefore, an AI known as the Director in the future is sending the consciousness of recruited human soldiers back into the past. The Director overrides the minds of the people right before they’re about to die according to past records so that them staying alive doesn’t affect the past in any unknown way whatsoever. And then, the Director sends them missions in the past, preventing humankind from inevitable catastrophe. Sounds amazing, right?

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Moreover, Travelers is not just a plot-driven show. In fact, it focuses on characters significantly as well. It shows how another human’s consciousness struggles to live in someone else’s body in times unknown to them so perfectly. The show is a masterclass and Altered Carbon fans would love it. And to make things better, this show will never go off of Netflix. This is because it is an original and no way can Netflix remove those (or at least we hope so). And it’ll be available in all geographic locations. However, if you’re still unsure, read our full review of the show. Moreover, Travelers has a solid rating of 8.1 on IMDB, with 96% of the viewers on Google loving it. And if you have by chance already watched Travelers, let us know in the comments how much you liked it.

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