Elijah Daniel Joins OnlyFans for Charity

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You can count on Elijah Daniel being there for you during a pandemic. He’s been very keen to help out those in need whenever he can, especially amid this stressful year for many. He started ‘Cult for Good’ and provided much needed items for people in need. Now, he’s on a mission to help provide blankets to the homeless. For that purpose, he has joined OnlyFans.

Elijah Daniel shares the OnlyFans news with his fans


Elijah Daniel shared that he had been self-funding most of his charitable causes for a while now. But now he was looking for other ways to fund this new charity. He decided to go with OnlyFans. A subscription based platform where you can subscribe to your favorite content creator for uncensored and exclusive content.

Most of the content creators go there to provide explicit content such as YouTubers Tana Mongeau and Trisha Paytas. Many adult starts also go there as it provides them more freedom and autonomy of their work. It also got quite popular when major celebrities like Cardi B and Blac Chyna joined it.

And now Elijah Daniel is also joining the platform, providing explicit content so as to earn enough funds to help provide blankets for homeless people.

Isn’t that amazing?

He thanked everyone who subscribed to him as well:


He also shared an interesting piece of news. Elijah isn’t celebrating Thanksgiving and he’s going to be ‘OnlyFans Santa’ for ‘Hey Summer Magazine’:


You can count on Elijah for being the most creative when it comes to helping out the world become a better place.

What fans think about it

His fans are loving his OnlyFans debut. Some of Elijah Daniel’s fans shared that they already knew this was going to happen:


One in particular applauded and praised Elijah:

And in true Twitter fashion, there was one interesting tweet where the fan referred to Elijah as ‘Elijah DADDY Daniels’. Because after all, it is the internet.

He truly is a gift that keeps on giving. Elijah is a YouTuber and comedian but he’s also best known for his antics against former president Donald Trump. One of his stunts involved buying a town and naming it ‘Gay Hell’ to just troll Trump. It was done after Trump’s administration didn’t allow pride flags to be flown on Pride Month.

Of course, someone like him would join OnlyFans for charity. It makes perfect sense!

You can subscribe to Elijah Daniel’s OnlyFans here. There’s also a link here to see all the charities he supports.

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