Twitter users confuse Maradona with Madonna on his death

Whenever a tragedy occurs, Twitter turns into a mess. And Diego Maradona’s death was no different either. The World Cup-winning Argentinian legend passed away on the 25th of November, leaving millions across the world with tears in their eyes. However, since Americans are not that fond of football, they confused Maradona for famous pop star Madonna, and thought that she had died! Because of that, “RIP Madonna” and “Madonna dead” started trending on Twitter, putting all of her fans in perpetual chaos.

Twitter users confuse footballer Maradona with pop-star Madonna, thinking she had died

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After news of the footballer’s death broke out, many American Twitter users flocked in with their tribute for Madonna, thinking that the singer had died. As a result, they started trending the wrong hashtags, like #RIPMadonna. One of the fans even made a tribute video, captioned:

rip madonna, rest in peace queen of pop

Moreover, many users were happy with seeing mock tributes for the singer flowing on Twitter, with many remembering their favorite Madonna songs.

Furthermore, this Twitter user knew the difference between Diego Maradona and Madonna. But, unfortunately, his mother couldn’t tell the difference. And so, shared a screenshot of his family group, where his mum though Madonna had died:

The memes didn’t stop

However, with such a spectacle unfolding on Twitter, the memes came flowing in shortly afterward. For instance, people were making fun of users who confused Diego Maradona with Madonna. And even though it was a sombre occasion, that wasn’t a hurdle for many users. Moreover, some even tweeted mock tributes.

Despite the popularity, it was somewhat sad to see not many users recognise Diego Maradona. He was one of the most iconic footballers of all time, often regarded as one of the greatest players to have ever kicked the football. Moreover, his career is also a testament to his greatness.

Maradona is revered in Argentina pretty much as a God because of how he single-handedly won Argentina the World Cup of 1986 and led the team as their captain as well. It was in the Quarter-Final against England where Maradona scored his famous “hand of God” goal, in which he punched the ball inside the goal, and the referees never disallowed it. Moreover, he also had a flourishing club career with Italian side Napoli, winning them their only two major trophies in their history.

The entire world of football mourned his death including the Argentinian Football Association, all the major football associations in Europe, as well as countless players who idolized him throughout their lives. Maradona died at the age of 60 from a heart attack, two weeks after he had brain surgery at a hospital in Buenos Aires.

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