Cardi B exposes Wiz Khalifa for being a ‘snake’

Now, Cardi B is not a woman you’d want to be on the bad side of. Sadly, that is exactly where rapper Wiz Khalifa found himself when he supposedly discredits her Grammy win and tried to reignite the feud between her and Nicki Minaj. Yes, it sounds like a handful, but it all happened on a single day!

The Twitter feud began with the 2021 Grammys snubbing The Weeknd by not giving him a single nomination. This, of course, caused an uproar on the internet. Other than that, it also opened up some old wounds for some artists. One of them was Nicki Minaj. She was still hurting from that time in 2012 when the Grammys gave the award for the Best New Artist to Bon Iver over her. She tweeted:

Later on, Wiz Khalifa joined the bandwagon as well. He said he understood how it felt, considering he had been nominated for a Grammy 7 times. Later on, that’s when Cardi B’s name came up in the conversation. He tweeted:

However, one of the replies to the tweet brought up Cardi B, saying that her win over Nicki Minaj is proof that the Grammys don’t know much about music:

In response, Wiz Khalifa tweeted, which began the entire feud with Cardi B, saying:

Most self made artists have this problem.

Cardi B calls Wiz Khalifa a snake, saying how he supported her when she was a nobody but questions her success now

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With this reply, things got messy, and sh*t just hit the ceiling. It looks like Wiz Khalifa is saying Cardi B isn’t self-made, whereas Nicki Minaj is. And that’s exactly how she took it as well. She shared the screenshot of a DM Wiz Khalifa sent her back in 2016, reading:

Keep your light shining and don’t let others take it.

In short, what Cardi B was saying is that they only support you until you’re down. As soon as you’re big enough to step on them, they turn on you.

Later on, Cardi B alleged that Wiz Khalifa was, in fact, trying to pit two successful women against each other. She tweeted:

Wiz Khalifa eases the tension

However, Wiz Khalifa was not ready to take heat from Cardi B or Nicki Minaj. He quickly diffused the situation and reassured Cardi B that he believes she is self-made and still supports her:

Furthermore, he clarified that he never denied Cardi B worked hard to achieve the fame and success she has today:

Moreover, even though Nicki Minah was not directly involved in any of this feud, she did enjoy it from the touchline. Once the feud was over, she tweeted:

And so, this is how Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, and Wiz Khalifa got involved in a Twitter feud, which could have escalated to something much worse. We have to admit that it was a good save from Wiz.

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