Cazzie David Spills About Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande’s Romance

Breakups are generally never sweet. However, the breakup Cazzie David had back in 2018 takes the cake. Only a few days after Cazzie ended her two year relationship with comedian, Pete Davidson, he was seen out and about with new beau, Ariana Grande.

The couple instantly became one of the biggest celebrity couplings. In only a six-month span, the two began dating. Not only that, they even got matching tattoos. Pete and Ariana seemed crazy in love. They gushed about their one of a kind love on more than occasion.

And that’s not all. The pair also ended up getting engaged.

But while the two were prancing about town living out their fairy tale, there was one person going through heartbreak. And that was Cazzie David.

Although Cazzie did not take anyone’s name, it is clear she is writing about Pete and Ariana’s whirlwind romance in her book, “No One Asked For This.” In her new collection of essays, she talks about how she felt reading all the reports about the two.

“My panic and shame were so far past overdrive. I couldn’t articulate what it was I was even feeling,” Cazzie wrote. “The fact that people were talking about me at all. Let alone talking about me being dumped on such a large scale, was a nightmare my psyche was not equipped to handle.”

So after two years of the whole debacle, Cazzie is finally opening up about what things were like back then.

Details Revealed By Cazzie David

It was Cazzie who decided to end their relationship after two and a half years of dating. She described breaking up with him as “an exceptionally hard task.”

Cazzie said it made her sick to her stomach when she thought about hurting someone she loves. “The first time we met, it was immediate grotesque middle school crush infatuation. And that feeling never subsided,” she wrote.

The two were kindred spirits, yet Pete’s mental health had also taken a toll on Cazzie.

However, after breaking things off with Pete, she called him hoping for a reconciliation. This moment of weakness came only a few days after the initial split. But Pete told her he was now the happiest had ever been. This put quite a dent in Cazzie’s plan to get back together with him.

And it was then that she found out that Pete had moved on while she was aboard an airplane with her father, Larry David.

“I scrolled through Twitter and saw that my ex of one day had a new girlfriend,” Cazzie shared. “I think I probably left my human body. My dad held me as I shook uncontrollably in his arms for the entire flight.”

Moreover, two days after their breakup, Cazzie opened Instagram to find something very shocking.

The first thing she saw was of a picture of Pete showing off his new finger tattoos. His ring finger once had Cazzie’s name written on it but it had been covered.

“Another tattoo he had of my favorite emoji (yes, I know how f–king absurd that sounds) was now replaced with a matching tattoo he got with her of what I guess was her favorite emoji,” she continued.

The Similarities

That’s not all. Throughout Pete and Ariana’s whirlwind romance, Cazzie could not help but notice the striking similarities between the two relationships.

The first photo that Pete and Ariana posted, confirming their romance was from a visit to Harry Potter World. Coincidentally, or not, it was also the same place Cazzie had her first outing with the SNL star.

“There, we bought the same matching sweatshirts they wore in the photo, except mine was Ravenclaw and hers was Slytherin, which is too ironic to make a joke about,” Cazzie revealed.

Another trend she noted was Pete sporting a hair tie around his wrist in an Instagram photo he shared. Cazzie revealed it was something he used to do with her hair ties so he could “wear a piece of her.” In Cazzie’s words, she felt like she was being “terrorized.”

After seeing all this, she could not help but wonder, “Was he just repeating everything I’d thought had made our relationship special with someone else one day later?”

Moreover, it became quite hard for Cazzie to escape it all as she tried coping with it. The entire relationship was on social media. And although she tried to avoid the Explore page on Instagram as much as she could, it was unavoidable.

Not only that but wherever Cazzie went, one of Ariana’s song would play and she would have to exit the club crying.

“I cannot adequately put into words the type of aggravation that occurs after eight days in a row of waking up with one of her songs about being really good at sex stuck in your head. It felt like an authentic form of torture meant to personally make me go insane forever,” she revealed.

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