Tamar Braxton Says Her Son Logan Threatened Her Over PS5

Kids these days are something else. They’re smarter than we were at their age and know how to get what they want. The same is the case with Tamar Braxton’s son who knows exactly what to do to get the Christmas present he wants.

Tamar Braxton took to Twitter to share with her followers how her son threatened her to buy him a PS5 for Christmas.

She tweeted, “I think Logan just threatened me over a ps5 for Christmas … i haven’t even started looking for one and i hear they are hard to find. Anyone have any ideas??”


She explained saying, “Yeah.. he sat me down and he told me to cancel Christmas. He don’t want no tree, no lights nothing if I don’t get him one.”


Tamar’s followers could not help but appreciate the cuteness of her son for “threatening” her the way he did.

One follower commented, “This is hysterical! You have to get him one just for the sheer cuteness and abruptness in these childhood streets. I love it!! Logan your gift is on the way.”

While another had a difference of opinion. They said, “Girrlll…Christmas needs to be cancelled!! It’s funny and “cute” when they act like when they young….not so much when they older, bigger and stronger than you. Lessons need to be learned!”

One fan tweeted, “‘Back in my day telling him to stay in a child’s place would be sufficient.”

And another shared, “For starters. Who the hell does Logan think he’s talking to? 

According to fans commenting on Tamar’s post, she “lets him talk to her any kind of way.”

Tamar Braxton Paid no attention to the fans comments

However, Tamar herself paid no heed to all the negative stuff people were saying. She took to Instagram and filmed herself in bed. She could be seen wearing nothing except racy lingerie. And fans were happy to see her in such high spirits after the online trolls had been trying their best to bring her down. Especially after her suspected suicide attempt.

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