Harry Jowsey talks about aggressive s*x with Julia Rose on Call Her Daddy podcast

So there are a lot of fans out there who still don’t know what went down between Harry Jowsey and Julia Rose. Well, we all know that Harry is one handsome man who appeared on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle reality show. He was very much in love with a girl named Francesca Farago from the same show. And he also dated her in real life as well.  But things didn’t work out as planned. And both Harry and Francesa parted ways in June. Maybe it’s okay to say that Harry’s love life ended there but he has been spotted with a lot of girls after the breakup.

Harry was recently seen with the CEO of SHAGMAG & The Sh*t Show podcast host Julia Rose. According to Harry, Julia proposed to him right before she cheated on him with Jake Paul. And Julia also shared her side of the story in Logan Paul’s podcast ‘Impaulsive‘.

Almost two weeks ago, Harry appeared on the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast (before his breakup with Julia Rose). This podcast is basically hosted by Alexandra Cooper who talks about a bunch of funny stuff and lots of s*x. And guess what title Alexandra gave to the podcast with Harry? Umm, ‘Boyfriend D*ck’.

Harry Jowsey explains why he was late for the Call Her Daddy podcast

So the details Harry shared on this podcast were from the time when he was seeing Julia. And when the ‘Call Her Daddy‘ podcast host asked Harry the reason behind him arriving late for the show. Harry gave her a very bold reply:

“I was having s*x. I thought it was going to be quick (but obviously it wasn’t).”

Ohh, I wanted to say that it’s too much information. But then I realized it’s nothing compared to what Harry has shared at the end of the podcast. Though he dropped many hints, he never shared the name of the girl who he is actually seeing. But deep down we all know the girl he is referring to is Julia.

And when Alexandra asked Harry if he is just having a casual fling with this girl or he actually have genuine feelings for her. Harry answered her in a very confusing way:

“Yes, no I mean not officially. I don’t know how it is, it’s still like early days, like a week in. We have been together for like every single day.”

Ohh, so now we are actually talking. And Harry also shared how and why he feels attracted to this girl (Julia).

“She is the best, she is very successful. It’s very motivating. I don’t know guys get weird about it in L.A. They get scared of girls who are successful. But like hanging out with her and seeing how she operates just motivates me, it turns me on.”

Harry Jowsey spill details about aggressive s*x with Julia Rose on Call Her Daddy

Now we have some weirdly interesting news for you guys. As you all know the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast is all about s*x and fun.

So when Alexandra asked Harry about his usual s*x style, Harry had something very unpredictable to say.

“With my girl right now, it’s very aggressive. So it’s pretty much is like, I don’t know I like to make sure that she has been told what to do.”

I think my ears are about to explode. But Harry, on the other hand, is totally enjoying discussing some exclusively naughty stuff on this podcast.

“Like today, I was at the gym and I texted her, leave your front door unlocked. I literally said these are my orders. I want you lying n****d in your bed, playing with your p****y by the time I walk in.”

Umm, well, I don’t think I want to picture a very aggressive Harry and his uber-chic girlfriend doing naughty things. Harry even mentioned that his girlfriend is also a very vocal and dominant person. And they enjoy what they do.

Harry even mentioned his favorite position with her. And that’s ‘standing and carrying’ s*x position, which not only strengthens the guy’s arms but also his core muscles. (coughs)

This ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast was recorded a few days after Harry started seeing Julia Rose. And all the intimate details he shared on the this podcast are from mid-October.

Sadly, Harry and Julia parted ways in the first week of November. And we don’t really know if we are ever going to see them again on-or-off screen. Let us know what you guys think about Harry’s appearance on the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast?

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