Malu Trevejo leaks Ryan García’s private messages amid cheating scandal

Malu Trevejo, the 18-year-old Instagram model and singer, is coming for Ryan García once again. Her response to the whole situation might be a bit late. However, fans were not expecting Malu to leak her private conversation with García. That’s not all what she did. In fact, Malu also shared her private messages with García’s ex-girlfriend and babymama Drea Celina.

Malu Trevejo exposes what Ryan García had been sending her

Malu is keeping her fans entertained through her OnlyFans as well as the controversial post-dinner tea spills. That’s the dinner she had with the famous boxer Ryan García. Ryan, 22, is a father of a daughter and has another baby on the way with pregnant ex-girlfriend Andrea Celina.

Many people accused Malu for coming between Ryan García and his then girlfriend Andrea Celina. However, Malu confirmed that she did not know about Ryan having a girlfriend. Whereas; Ryan issued a statement that he is no longer dating Drea Celina.

Now, all of a sudden, Malu decided to expose Ryan García as well as the “lies and manipulations”. Malu Trevejo shared the screenshots of her private conversation with Ryan García, to Source of Tea.

In these screenshots, it can be seen how Ryan García was paddling away from the questions about his wife/girlfriend. In fact, he found these questions “funny”.

The same thread of screenshots also show how Malu Trevejo apologized to Drea Celina. They do not have a beef anymore. Malu also shared the screenshots of her Ryan’s DMs to her from 2017, when he first slided into her DMs. Ryan was 19 and Malu was 15 at that time.

Something shady?

Malu Trevejo did not share the screenshots through her own social media handles. Instead, she picked Source of Tea to share the screenshots on behalf of her. However, there is an incomplete text from Malu that’s half visible in the screenshots. And that seems kind-of shady.

Source of Tea/Instagram

Is fine I just didn’t want our sh*t to f*ck up bc I actually really

The incomplete sentence can go either way, in Malu’s favor as well as against her. Some Instagram users who have read all the screenshots, have commented that why would Malu share these screenshots after so many days of her initial altercation with Ryan.

Do you think Malu Trevejo will not address the situation again? Share your thoughts below.

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