Ryan García’s Partner, Drea Celina, doesn’t hate Malu Trevejo

Ryan García’s partner and who we thought was his fiancée, just came out and spoke about the cheating scandal again. Ryan was caught kissing popular TikTok star and singer, Malu Trevejo. Malu, later on, revealed that Ryan didn’t tell her about his relationship with his fiancée, Drea Celina. Meanwhile, Ryan emphasized that Drea was not his fiancée but that they were trying to fix their relationship.

Now, Drea Celina has something more to say about Malu Trevejo

Drea Celina shared that she has no hatred towards Malu.

In one of the comment section, Drea Celina writes:

I said NOTHING rude about Malu. There is no hate coming from my way. I don’t care for this drama. Please stop.

When initially Drea Celina spoke up on the matter, her hurt and anger was targeted only at Ryan García. Ryan is the father of the child she’s expecting and they are also in a relationship together.

Even Ryan has been keeping his distance from the scandal and has not spoken upon it again. However, Malu Trevejo keeps on shading Ryan García on her social media.

Recently, she added these on her Instagram stories:

Ryan García had previously talked about his kiss with Malu as them just being ‘caught up in the moment’. And he emphasized that it was just a mistake.

But Malu Trevejo seems to imply that Ryan was trying to talk to her and hit on her since 2017.

Drea Celina is keeping to herself though

She also posted another positive message to her fans:


And interestingly, her latest Instagram post that was posted on July 19, is liked by Malu Trevejo:

Though, it does seem like all is not well between Malu and Drea.

Malu Trevejo may have shaded Drea Celina too!

While being cryptic and not posting any names, Malu shared this on her Instagram Stories.


After posting this, she also posted this which seem to be about Ryan and Drea’s relationship:


And there were also some hints that Malu Trevejo has more information to ‘expose’ Ryan García.


It’s not confirmed whether Malu Trevejo was indeed talking about Ryan García and Drea Celina. But she is choosing to stay quiet on the matter, and resorting to just subtle hints of throwing shade at them.

Drea Celina and Ryan Garcia seem to be focused on moving on for now. Let’s see if this drama keeps getting messier or gets forgotten as quickly as it appeared.

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