Clever Ways Celebrities got people to vote in the US Elections 2020

The US Elections 2020 are historic for many reasons. For example, this election is arguably the most polarized America since the civil war. However, there was another reason why it was historic. And that was the extremely high voter turnout. According to Bloomberg, the turnout was somewhere close to 68% to 72%, the highest in US History. And, some of the credit does belong to celebrities as well, who found many clever ways to get people to vote. Here are some of the most creative ones!

How celebrities got people to vote!

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Chris Evans

So, these elections brought the political activist out of a number of celebrities. And some coupled their activism with some incredible creativity.

The most famous celebrity of all was Chris Evans. He used the opportunity presented by his accidentally leaked nudes to get people to vote! He developed a website called “A Starting Point,” where you can find:

Two-minute answers to common questions by elected officials

Moreover, Chris Evans used the unimaginable attention he got after mistakenly revealing his Johnson to tell people to vote. However, he was far from being the only celebrity to tease people (in his case, accidentally) with their private parts to get people to vote.

Sarah Silverman

Another celebrity that really put creativity at its peak was Sarah Silverman. The star, along with many other celebrities got people to vote and be careful about naked ballots by… literally getting naked. And well, it got a lot of attention on social media – some good, some not so much. But, that was the purpose, right? It got them talking about naked ballots, and in this case, any publicity is good publicity.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Another high-profile celebrity trying his best to get people to vote is Leonardo DiCaprio. The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star teamed up with David Dobrik and asked their followers to text 5 friends to vote in the 2020 US Elections. If they do so, they’ll get a chance to meet Dobrik and DiCaprio out in LA!

Kristen Stewart

Among the LGBTQ+ celebrities, we also have Kristen Stewart who pitched in to push people to vote. However, she didn’t do it directly. Instead, her partner Dylan Meyer shared a photo with the Twilight star on Instagram, reminding people that there’s a lot more on stake than just the Presidency


Among recording artists and singers, there’s one celebrity that has gone all out for democracy to support democracy and urge people to vote – Lizzo. Lizzo even wore a “vote” minidress to the 2020 Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday.

Furthermore, Lizzo also posted a photo of herself naked on Instagram, writing a very long and passionate caption. In it, she mentioned all the state brutalities of different sorts that America has gone through in the past four years under Donald Trump, in the end urging voters to say in line to vote.

Kumail Nanjiani

Another celebrity trying his best to get people to vote was Kumail Nanjiani. Nanjiani posted a photo of himself, putting his mail-in-ballot inside the mailbox and said that he would thank every person individually who posts a picture of themselves doing the same in the replies. That’s a nice way for celebrities to use their platforms to get people to vote!

Kerry Washington

This is an especially clever one by any celebrity. Kerry Washington posted a clip from the film Scandal, along with the link And well, the link led the viewers to a register to vote page. The video got almost 371,000 views. Just imagine if even half of those registered to vote, that could easily swing the election in more than half the states.

Jessica Alba

One of the celebrities who truly showcased her talents to get people to vote was Jessica Alba – dancing. She told her viewers to “get on your feet, get to the polls” in her own rendition of Gloria Estefan’s “Get On Your Feet”


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Wise words from @gloriaestefan and bringing u a little … to the voting #voto #vote #latinx @votolatino @iamavoter #everyvotecounts #getonyourfeetchallenge

A post shared by Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba) on Oct 29, 2020 at 5:38pm PDT

Charlize Theron

A huge celebrity and Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron flaunted her Louis Vuitton t-shirt with a huge “Vote” printed on it in an Instagram post, saying:

If you voted but didn’t take a slightly seductive winking selfie with your sticker, did you really even vote? The answer is YES. So, look up early voting locations in your area, drop off your mail-in-ballot at an official drop box or polling place, or vote SAFELY in person on Election Day! However you do it, just VOTE.


One of the younger celebrities, Zendaya, was as usual, ahead of the curve as she cast her mail-in-ballot earlier on the 24th of October. Moreover, she shared a video of her on Instagram as well, with her bio even screaming: “VOTE”


Grimes is undoubtedly one of the most artistic celebrities out there, and she used it to gain everyone’s attention. And that she did, by painting crosses on her face that looked like a cast ballot, and urged them to check their voter registration for a chance to talk to her! She wrote in the caption:

Link in bio. I’m teaming up with Check your voter registration for a chance to chat! I guess by Zoom or whatever works best for you.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is another celebrity who followed Lizzo’s direction by wearing a Christian Siriano suit with bold white lettering spelling out, “Vote”.


Finally, Rihanna also pitched in. But, she kept it simple, unlike many other celebrities on the list. She told her followers on voter registration, saying on Instagram:

Check your voter registration status, register, and VOTE! Go to VOTE.ORG right now and get it done. If you can, work those polls too… let’s go! Follow @claralionelfdn for updates and info on easiest steps to vote! #NationalVoterRegistrationDay.

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