Spoilers Leaked! Avengers 4 Has Time Travel and Proton Cannons

Marvel Fans Rejoice!

The release of Marvel’s Avengers 4 is just around the corner. And despite the secrecy Marvel tries to maintain, we have obtained a few easter eggs via leaks. The Russo brothers have been regularly dropping hints that Avengers 4 is going to see the unfortunate demise of several favorite heroes. And this is much to the fan’s scare.

Official Avengers 4 Poster

Firstly, let’s start with the artwork of Avengers 4 from June 2018. It shows all the Marvel heroes, alongside the mascot Captain Marvel. But whom we do not see is Wasp. And this leads us to conclude that he was killed when Thanos snapped his fingers. The rumors also stand true, when we see Hawkeye in his gothic suit. Thus, indicating that he will take the avatar of Ronin.  War machine also gets a major upgrade. Additionally, Hulk, who looks drastically different from his regular self, will also don armor for Avengers 4.

Spoilers Leak New Weapon

Few spoilers also indicate a few new weapons from the Marvel movie. This is the level-up the Avengers obviously require for their impending combat against Thanos. One leaked concept art from Avengers 4 shows a proton cannon, a weapon Iron Man used last in a 1995 arcade game.

The rumors and spoilers also depict; however, that Thanos will not arrive unarmed himself. A deleted image on Reddit displayed Thanos in armor, briefly teased in Avengers: Infinity War.

Rumors of Time Travel

Avengers 4 will also revisit the great New York Battle from the 2012 Avengers. This spoiler surfaced particularly when we saw  Tony Stark wearing the same Black Sabbath shirt in the set leaks. Later set photos revealed Thor and Loki in their 2012 attires. Later, finally, we got a glimpse of Captain America in his 2012 Avengers costume. There is not much clarity as to how Avengers 4 will incorporate this particular sequence. But the only options are either time traveling, or the use of B.A.R.F.

Avengers 4 will make a visit to several prior sequences, according to rumors. Evangeline Lilly dropped a set photo showing her hair in a bob; while Hope wore her hair in that style in Ant-Man. Some spoilers and leaks also show Chris Evans filming a scene, against an archived Avengers set-up.  Marvel has made casting calls out for actors to play office workers from the 1960’s era.

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