How Americans are coping with results of the 2020 US Elections

So, the 2020 US Elections are finally over. Joe Biden and Donald Trump are on the edge of their seat to know what happened of the result. But, we’re still a bit distant from the actual result showing up in front of us. After all, that’s what happens when over 90 million votes were cast in by postal voting. As a result, America has had to wait for the results to show up. And that prompted a lot of insane reactions from a lot of celebrities and Twitter users. Here are some of them!

Celebrities react to the wait for the 2020 US Election results

So, celebrities have shown a huge range of emotions about the 2020 US Elections. For instance, huge Biden supporter Alyssa Milano was a bit composed, focused more on the counting of the vote to complete:

However, Sarah Paulson was finding it hard to contain herself. The 2020 US Elections almost gave her PTSD!

Furthermore, MCU Avengers star Karen Gillian was pretty much the only source of joy for several voters who were dreading the results of the election! And she acknowledged that on Twitter:

CJ Johnson made a point of genuine concern. He feared that Trump’s erratic and chaotic behavior would become normalized and become a non-issue. And to some extent, considering how much votes Trump got in the election yet and how narrow it turned out to be, he has a point.

Kerry Washington admired the real heroes of the 2020 US Elections – the poll workers!

Star Trek star George Takei highlighted the crucial swing states Michigan, Wisconsin, & Pennsylvania and urged voters to not pass judgements before mail-in/absentee ballots are counted for:

This one is by far the best reaction I saw on Twitter. Author Desus Nice made a reference to The Wire’s character Bubbles, who was a heroine addict that most viewers were rooting for to get his act together. That’s exactly how other countries were watching these 2020 US Elections!

Simply said, Lilly Singh was incredible paranoid.

Moreover, Olga Khazan was a bit annoyed that newscasters were telling the country to do electoral college math as they were scared to death for the country.

Finally, William Brangham, a PBS News Hour Presenter, also told people to not rush and let the counting end!

Regular Twitter users react to the division in the United States made obvious

However, the 2020 US Elections aren’t just scaring the celebrities. This one user even took xanax, a drug she was no longer relying on for years. But, the fear of Donald Trump becoming the President again was too much for her.

One user was even concerned as to how they can even look at 99% of their family who voted for Trump in this election.

The initial scare where Donald Trump took a surging lead in multiple states was really concerning for several voters. Simply said, they were stressing out like crazy.

Another user Bethany Albertson made a very important point. She said that the fact that the election was anything but a landslide against Donald Trump was a huge wake up call for the Democrats and Joe Biden. After everything Trump did, the fact that people were still willing to accept Trumpism was extremely concerning, and still is.

Finally, seeing how tight the Presidential race turned out to be, people knew they were going to be stressed out all week. Especially because Pennsylvania was going to take a week to confirm their election results.

And so, this is how the common Americans coped with the 2020 US Elections. How are you dealing with the election? Let us know in the comments below.

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