Malu Trevejo Caught “Stalking” Ryan García!

The influencer world was shaken by Malu Trevejo and Ryan García’s kissing scandal. Ryan and Malu were at dinner together and while they were leaving, they kissed each other. The moment soon turned to be quite scandalous as Ryan’s fiancée, Drea Celina, spoke out on the matter. She said that they were expecting a baby together and Ryan lied to her about meeting Malu.

Later on, Ryan shared that he was working on things with Drea, but he was not currently engaged. Moreover, he said what happened with Malu happened due to ‘heat of the moment.

Malu can’t seem to let go?

In a turn of events, it seems that Malu Trevejo has a hard time letting go of Ryan García. When she first addressed the incident and claimed that she had no idea about Ryan being committed. Malu only knew about his first child and not that he was expecting another one with his fiance.

Malu even shaded Ryan Garcia in one of her Instagram posts.


Then, she also made a pregnancy joke that fans thought was aimed at Ryan García.

And now she’s stalking him on Instagram Live!

On an IGTV video by Ryan, Malu has posted a comment. We can’t deduce much from the emoji comment.  But it does seem like Malu is stalking Ryan García.

What is Ryan García up to these days?

Well, Ryan García seems to have actually moved on from the drama. After all, he has got a lot on his plate.

He’s got to fix his relationship with partner Drea Celina, with who he is expecting a baby with. Moreover, he is preparing for his upcoming boxing match with Gervonta Davis.

While speaking about the upcoming match, Ryan shared:

I’m extremely confident I’d beat that boy down. He’s just a big bully. We all know we can both knock people out. We all know we can put people to sleep that don’t belong in the ring with us. But, one day we got to step up and go against someone who can also get slept. And, that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to get in there and give fans a fight they’ll remember for the rest of their lives”.

Meanwhile, Malu Trevejo is keeping herself busy with her OnlyFans. Let’s see if anything else happens between the two.

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