Luke Hemsworth reveals his injury forced ‘Westworld’ Season 3 Rewrite

Westworld season 3 really turned the show all over itself. We spent the first two seasons in the Park. But in this season, we saw all the guests and hosts out in the real world, facing a completely different set of circumstances. One of them was Ashley Stubbs, played by Luke Hemsworth.

Luke Hemsworth had a severe bicep injury throughout season 3


Stubbs was initially the head of Westworld’s security force. It was later revealed that he was also in fact a host. However, there was one aspect of Luke Hemsworth’s life that forced Westworld writers to change to Stubbs’s story in season 3 – an injury. While talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Hemsworth recalled:

At the time, I didn’t [enjoy my choreography] because I’d ruptured my bicep. My bicep had actually snapped off the bone]. So the first fight scene with the guys in the hallway was done when I hadn’t had surgery at that stage. And then, I think when I did the one with Evan, I had had surgery. So my left arm was completely incapacitated in both fights. If you watch early in that first hallway fight, I get shot in the left arm and then I never use that arm again. So that was something we worked into the story.

The injury makes Stubbs’s fight scenes even more incredible

That’s a pretty great improv by the showrunners at Westworld. But, it wasn’t easy for Luke Hemsworth to break the news to the studios. However, it really warmed their heart that they were very concerned and not furious at his muscle injury at all. In fact, the fight looked way better with Hemsworth fighting with just one hand, as he further told THR:

I had to make a very sheepish call to production and say, ‘I’ve done this really stupid thing. What are we going to do?’. And then, all those fears and anxieties go through your head of, ‘Well, that’s it for me. I’m going to get fired’. But they were very, very concerned and very willing to work that into the story and make something of it. And [“The Winter Line” director] Richard J. Lewis actually said, ‘Ah, it’s better in the end.’ He said, ‘The fight was great. You did it one-handed and it looked better than it would’ve looked two-handed.’ So yeah, it was nice to be able to use that misfortune in a good way. But it was a hell of a recovery and I don’t wish it upon anyone.

Luke Hemsworth answers about Stubbs’s fate

This almost changes the way we see Stubbs in season 3 of Westworld. To shoot the entire season with a single arm is pretty mind-blowing. However, the interviewer also asked Luke Hemsworth about his final scene in season 3. Stubbs’s future was a bit unclear in that final scene. And Hemsworth was sure to not give anything away in the interview:

I don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine. When Bernard woke up, we didn’t see if Stubbs was still there or not. Maybe he’s melted from acid in the bathtub or something.

HBO renewed Westworld for season 4, and the expected release date could be around in the summer of 2022.

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