Malu Trevejo makes pregnancy joke after kissing Ryan García

Malu Trevejo has not been posting much recently on her Instagram handle. And that’s why the headline comes as a shock from her. Since the day she turned 18, she is testing her fans’ loyalty by joining OnlyF*ns. That’s not all, even before turning 18, Malu had been sharing her life struggles with the fans and they love & respect her a lot. But the recent incident of Malu kissing the famous boxer, Ryan García, came as a shock to many. Now, she is joking about being pregnant and gaining weight.

Ryan García and babies

Ryan García and Malu were caught on the camera kissing while being out for dinner. As the clip got viral, Ryan’s fiancée Drea Celina shared her thoughts through her Instagram stories. She confirmed that Ryan told her he was training for his match. However, he never mentioned going out on dinner with Malu Trevejo. Drea found out about the kiss through the internet and it broke her heart.

She also called Ryan a piece of sh*t and disgusting. Drea is expecting a baby with Ryan García in 6 weeks. Ryan also has a baby with ex-girlfriend Catherine Gamez. After the news of Ryan kissing Malu hit the internet, Malu’s fans wanted her to stay away from Ryan. They accused Ryan of impregnating girls.

Malu Trevejo went live on Instagram and cleared the air from her side. She confirmed that she never knew about Ryan’s engagement.

Malu Trevejo already has a baby coming?

Probably to make a joke out of the whole situation, Malu Trevejo posted a picture of her belly with an either-or question posted on top of it. Before sharing the picture on her Instagram stories, she was talking about gaining weight these days.

What seems to be a picture of a bloated belly, could’ve been harmless diss on Ryan García as well. She is not pregnant though, as she continues to talk about gaining weight in her next IG stories.

That’s not the only adult joke Malu made recently. Her belly photo was also followed by an adult s*x joke.

Is that another diss at someone or just a joke?

Malu Trevejo joined OnlyFans, the adult/exclusive content creator platform, after turning 18. However, she is not on the platform to share adult explicit content.

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