Sacha Baron Cohen shares when he interviewed Donald Trump as Ali G

After Borat Subsequent MovieFilm’s release, Sacha Baron Cohen is back in the news. Needless to say, he is making headlines with how he has exposed Rudi Guilliani. Now, he is sharing the story of when he interviewed Donald Trump as Ali G. Baron Cohen has revealed that Trump never realized that Ali G was a satirical fictional character!

Sacha Baron Cohen says Trump couldn’t figure out Ali G was fictional


While talking to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Sacha Baron Cohen remembered how Trump initially thought he was going to be interviewed by a good looking and well-spoken Englishman:

When I was interviewing him as Ali G and the producer of the show was a very handsome well-spoken Englishman in a nice tweed jacket. And Donald Trump assumed he was going to be the interviewer, and then the producer goes, ‘no, actually this is the interviewer, it’s called Ali G’. And I remember Donald Trump looking at me and I was wearing a silk suit.
Then, Sacha Baron Cohen revealed how Trump reacted to the news, saying that his face just “dropped”. He was even angry that he was going to be interviewed by a person from a lower socio-economic background than his. But, the funny thing was, that Trump never realized that Ali G was a fictional character! Baron Cohen further said: 

And his face dropped, he was immediately furious that he was going to have to speak to somebody from a kind of lower-class borough rather than this rather astute Etonian producer. And actually, he sat through the interview for about seven minutes, and publically he would say ‘oh, I was the guy, I was the only guy who saw through’. He didn’t see through the interview. I mean, he answered all the questions completely normally.

Sacha Baron Cohen further pointed out that Donald Trump’s knowledge of the history of business among humans was factually wrong. He said, “Homo Sapiens” started doing business by dealing with rocks for millions of years. However, the truth is that Homo Sapiens only came into existence some 100,000 years ago. And that they started doing business by trading salt, not rocks.

Trump also refused to invest in Ali G’s business venture

Sacha Baron Cohen then recalls how Trump lost all interest in the interview when he asked for money from him. Ali G asked for $50 million for a business venture. It was related to a glove, with which you can eat ice cream without making your clothes dirty. Baron Cohen recalled:

Only really when I was asking him for money for a business scheme that I had which was an ice cream glove, which was a glove which allowed you to eat ice cream without any of it dripping on your clothes…. I was asking for like 50 million from him. At that point, he was quite rightly not interested and you know, made his excuses and left. But, he completely believed Ali G is real.

On being called a “creep” and a “phony” by Trump

Finally, Sacha Baron Cohen also responded to Donald Trump calling him a creep and a phony. And it was a very strong and eye-opening response, as he said:

Well, I’m sure when he was hanging out with his good friend Jeffrey Epstein, they probably spent a lot of time talking about how creepy I am. And yes, I am a professional phony, like him.

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