Larray Faces Backlash for Using Tony Lopez’s Name in his Diss Track

Larray recently released his now top-charting diss track ‘Canceled’. It threw some major shade to top influencers and content creators such as Jeffree Star and Tana Mongeau. But most of the disses were aimed at Larray’s close friends such as James Charles, Bryce Hall, and Charli D’Amelio. It was not done with malicious intent. However, people are still calling out Larray for using Tony Lopez’s name.

Why using Tony Lopez’s name in the diss track was so controversial

Well, here was the diss that Larray made targeting Tony Lopez:

This ain’t a race, Tony Lopez caught a case (B*tch)

Anyone who is aware of the TikTok community is aware of Tony Lopez’s scandal. Several women have come out and shared that Tony Lopez texted them inappropriately while they were underage.

Tony has still yet to properly address the matter as many weren’t content with his apology for harassing underage girls.

People were coming after Larray when he mentioned Tony’s name and including in a major scandal which is sensitive.

Larray immediately responded to the backlash and claimed he had asked permission from all the victims of Tony Lopez.


Larray lied about asking for permission from Tony Lopez’s alleged victims

Though, it seemed like Larray was lying simply to get out of hot water. Soon after him sharing this above-mentioned fact, Tony Lopez’s victims came out and denied Larray reaching out to them.


One of the victims of Tony Lopez, Celina, claims that she never got informed by Larray of the diss track’s lyrics.

This makes the story even more controversial.

However, soon after, Larray attempted to fix things yet again:


Larray says that he didn’t know about Celina and that he is going to now reach out to her.

The YouTuber also responded to one fan taking his side in the controversy. The fan didn’t understand why people were ‘creating drama’ over the matter. To this, Larray admits that he was at fault here:

honestly, I understand where I went wrong & just trying to make everything right. No need to lie hear just honesty didn’t know about the others. Should have looked into this more. My Fault. Period


Hopefully, Larray manages to amend things with those hurt by Tony Lopez.

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