Malu Trevejo Shades Ryan García following their cheating scandal

So three days ago Malu Trevejo and Ryan García were caught in a makeout session. And since then they have been making headlines in the social media tabloids. Malu and Ryan had dinner at the N10 Restaurant with some friends on 25th October. And after getting done with it, they both went outside to get some fresh air. Then they got caught up in the moment and had some lip-to-lip action.

Now a lot of fans think both Ryan and Malu were aware of the paparazzi and they also knew that the cameras are rolling. So they should have stopped right there and then, but they kept on talking for like a good nine minutes. And they almost spent 10 seconds on the makeout session.

The sad part here is that Ryan lied to his on-and-off going girlfriend (who people believed was his fiancé) Drea Celina. Drea also happens to be pregnant with his child. Drea revealed that she was lied to by Ryan García about where he was really going. She found out about his actual whereabouts through the internet. Hence, Ryan’s date being a secret from Drea almost seemed intentional.

Some people are also not familiar with Ryan’s previous girlfriend ‘Catherine Gomez’ who is the mother of his 2 years old daughter ‘Rylie’. And as per Ryan’s second baby mama ‘Drea’, he hardly spends time with his daughter ‘Rylie’. All the people involved in this situation have responded to it. And Malu is really upset with Ryan for not telling her about his fiancé who is almost 7 months pregnant.

Ryan García’s second baby mama ‘Drea’ exposed him on Instagram

So by now, we all are pretty much aware of the fact that Ryan García’s second baby mama/fiancé ‘Drea’ exposed Ryan on her Instagram. Here is a Twitter thread for you guys which almost sums up the whole situation.

So Ryan lied to Drea and went out on dinner with Malu. And when Drea (the fiancé) who is almost seven months pregnant with Ryan’s baby called him out on her Instagram story for lying to her, he came out with a very shocking statement.

Ryan shared that he and Drea are not engaged. They have an on-and-off going relationship which they are trying to fix. He further added that Malu is just a friend and they only kissed because they were caught up in the moment.

Malu Trevejo shades Ryan García in her Instagram posts

So on 26th October Malu appeared on her Instagram live-stream and shared her side of the story. She explained that she didn’t have any idea that Ryan was committed to someone else. Though she knew about his daughter ‘Rylie’ who he had with ‘Catherine Gomez’. As for Drea and the baby their expecting together, Malu had no clue.

Malu’s Instagram Live-Stream was very calm and collective. but what she just posted on her Instagram story has a different energy alltogether. And a lot of fans think she is clearly shading Ryan in these posts.


A lot of fans are calling Ryan ‘a player’ after finding out about him cheating on his fiancé who is also pregnant with his baby.

In another post, Malu mentioned that she is done being nice. And right after that, she re-shared a post from her mother’s Instagram Story in which she is practicing boxing.

Many seem to think Malu posted a video of her practicing boxing with an intent to shade Ryan even more.

Furthermore, a lot of fans think Malu obviously doesn’t need clout. So the whole thing must be a setup by Ryan because he has been losing a lot of followers lately.

Let’s see what happens next and if everyone involved can resolve the matter  or not.

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