Noah Beck confirms he’ll join OnlyFans

Noah Beck, Dixie D’Amelio’s boyfriend, and a Sway boy, has officially started his YouTube career. Previously, Noah has been appearing in every other vlog by Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, Blake Gray and other Sway boys. He spends most of his time making TikToks, working out or spending his time with Dixie. Now, the boys have led him to start vlogging so his first vlog is out with the Sway boys. In fact, Noah went all out with this one. His very first vlog was a Lie Detector test with Jason Nash. And answering the rapid fire questions, Noah has something to say about OnlyFans.

Noah Beck will be on OnlyFans soon?

In the vlog titled “the new truth about me” Noah Beck answered many interesting questions about his personal life, Dixie D’Amelio, past relationships and future plans. While he confessed his love for Dixie D’Amelio and a possible marriage plan with her in the future, he also spilled the tea on spending nights at her apartment.

Throughout the video, Griffin Johnson was also there with the Sway boys. And every time Noah would answer something related to Dixie, the camera would zoom in on Griffin’s face to record his reactions. Griffin kept his cool though.

When the OnlyFans question was asked, Noah was direct to answer it.


Question: Would you start an OnlyFans account?

Noah: Yes, 100%.

The boys didn’t ask him when he’ll do it.

Having crush on Addison Rae & Nessa Barrett

While Noah Beck was trying to tell all the truths being hooked up to Lie Detector Machine, Bryce Hall used the chance to question Noah about his crushes on other boys’ girlfriends. The teatok hosts, Bryce Hall and Josh Richards, try to cover all the tea when they are vlogging. Considering Noah is dating one of the boys’ ex-girlfriend, they found it fair to ask him if he had crush on other girls as well.

Bryce Hall asked him about his crush on Addison Rae. Noah instantly answered “No” but it was detected as a lie. Josh Richards jumped in and asked Noah is he ever had a crush on Nessa Barrett. Noah, again, said No but it was the truth.

Watch the vlog to check more interesting questions and answers. Meanwhile, it’s still not confirmed whether Noah Beck will be joining OnlyFans soon. He just expressed his feelings that he would consider it 100%.

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