Malu Trevejo says she didn’t know Ryan García was “engaged”

Last night, the world was shocked to hear that TikTok star Malu Trevejo was kissing YouTuber and professional boxer, Ryan García. But the event was scandalous as Ryan García is currently engaged or committed to Drea Celina and the two are expecting a baby together. Ryan and Drea have both reacted to the news and now, we have Malu’s side of the story as well.

Drea Celina and Ryan García’s rocky relationship

Drea Celina stated that she found out about the news of Ryan García kissing Malu Trevejo through Instagram. She further told her followers that Ryan had lied to her about his real whereabouts. Ryan Told Drea that he was going to prepare for his upcoming match. But then Drea Celina, Ryan García’s alleged fiancé, found out that he was at a dinner with Malu Trevejo, who he later had an intimate moment with.

Drea reacted to the news saying:

Meanwhile I go visit my family he tells me he’s training hard for this fight. But IG SHOWS ME THIS.
7 weeks left till i give birth and this piece of sh*t stay being disgusting.
While He barely even see’s rylie his
daughter with @catherinegamez
@kingryang is a HORRIBLE EVIL HUMAN.

Ryan García broke the silence on the matter on an Instagram story. He says that he and Drea Celina are currently not engaged but they were ‘still trying to fix things’.


As per Ryan García, he only went out with Malu Trevejo as friends and then the kiss happened because they both were ‘caught up in the moment’. Ryan also expressed that he had no intention to hurt anyone.

What did Malu Trevejo say on the matter?

In what appears to be a live-stream, Malu Trevejo speaks on what happened last night. She had just woken up and was listening to all the stories online.

Malu Trevejo shares that she had no idea that Ryan García was engaged to someone. She also didn’t know he was expecting another baby.

I met up with him because he was a really nice guy. He was very sweet and yeah he told me had a kid. But he never told me he was engaged. And he never told me that he had another baby coming. But he’s a really nice dude and I didn’t know that – so, let’s just not get into that.

Ryan García had only told Malu Trevejo about the baby he already had with Catherine Gomez. When Malu confronted him about not telling her about his engagement, he responded by saying that he and Drea were on-and-off:

I did not know he was engaged. And I texted him and I asked him, why didn’t he tell me, and he said because they’re on-and-off. And I’m like, ‘doesn’t make sense’.

It seems like Malu Trevejo didn’t know about Ryan García being committed to another person. Though, it could be true that Ryan didn’t think it was a big deal since he and Drea are on-and-off.

In Drea’s Instagram post, she conveyed that she was hurt and angry at Ryan’s actions. But we’re not sure if she and Ryan were currently engaged or were on some sort of break.

What is true that both are still expecting a new baby together.

Malu also posts cryptic quotes

Apart from what Malu posted on her live-stream, she also posted these inspirational quotes that fit with her current situation.


Malu Trevejo and Ryan García both seem like they want to move on from this scandal as quickly as possible. Let’s see if Ryan and Drea are able to move past this and have a healthy relationship yet again.

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