Ryan García breaks silence on Malu Trevejo & cheating scandal

It’s been a few days since Malu Trevejo joined OnlyFans and since then she has been staying in the spotlight. And guess who else planned to join the bandwagon with Malu? Well, someone who likes the equal amount of spotlight and it’s the professional lightweight boxer, Ryan García. And no, these two didn’t get the spotlight for boxing in the ring or joining a verbal abusive thread on Twitter. But instead, they were having a mouth to mouth action which was caught by the paparazzi.

Now a lot of people reacted to the fact that Ryan García is engaged to Drea Celina who is also pregnant with his child. And apart from that, Ryan has another two-year-old baby daughter ‘Rylie’ with Catherine Gomez.

Ryan apparently told Drea that he is busy preparing for his next boxing match while she was staying with her family. She was going through her Instagram when she came across this post from The Hollywood Fix in which Ryan is kissing Malu. And that’s how she found out that Ryan has been lying about his whereabouts.

Drea further mentioned that Ryan García hardly sees his daughter ‘Rylie’ which makes him a ‘horrible human’.

Ryan García responds to the Malu Trevejo and Drea Celina situation

Yes, guys, you heard it right. Ryan has finally broken the silence on the whole Malu x Ryan X Drea matter. But he also revealed a piece of shocking news in his response.


So according to Ryan García, he and Andrea (Drea) are not at all engaged. And they were trying to make their relationship work. Moreover, Ryan talked about his kiss with Malu Trevejo and said that he only went out with her as a friend. And while talking, they got lost in the moment and kissed each other. He further mentioned that there are no feelings involved in the situation.

Last but not the least, Ryan mentioned that he is putting a full stop to the Malu Trevejo and Drea situation. But a lot of people are unable to understand this complicated situation. Meanwhile, Ryan’s fight date got announced after so many delays and he will be fighting Luke Campbell on the 5th of December.

So why would he put his upcoming fight at risk with something like this? I mean, getting caught in the moment is a common thing. But if you’re repeating the same action frequently, then you are not stuck at the moment anymore.

A lot of fans also think that both Ryan García and Malu Trevejo spotted the Paparazzi and they still didn’t care about being filmed. Just because they are allegedly hungry for clout at the moment.

Ryan García has been losing followers recently. Let’s see what happens next.

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