Julia Louis-Dreyfus & other Seinfeld Cast Trying to turn Texas into a Blue State

It looks like the Seinfeld cast is getting together to affect the upcoming 2020 US Elections. Their main aim, for now, is to turn Texas into a blue Democratic state. For that purpose, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is teaming up with co-star Jason Alexander and co-creator Larry David to take part in a Seinfeld reunion on 23rd October (Today).

Seinfeld cast reunites to help Texas swing into a Blue state

The event is titled “Fundraiser for Something,” and its main purpose is to gather funds for the Texas Democratic Party with the help of ticket sales. So, to get those funds, the stars will discuss their favorite Seinfeld episodes. In a joint statement, Louis-Dreyfus, Alexander, and David said:

Texas is a battleground state, period. We knew that we had to reunite for something special and the movement on the ground for Texas Democrats up and down the ballot is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Texans are getting out to vote in droves and showing the world that Texas has never been a red state, it’s been a non-voting state.

Louis-Dreyfus and the others also wrote that their sole purpose is to finally turn Texas into a blue state, saying:

We couldn’t be more thrilled to host a ‘Fundraiser About Something’ for a terrific organization like the Texas Democratic Party, who are building the movement necessary to turn Texas blue in 14 days.

Moreover, the Texas branch of the Democratic Party is thrilled about Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s help. If they succeed, Texas could vote for a Democratic President for the first time since 1976. The chair of the Texas Democratic Party, Gilberto Hinojosa, said:

The Texas Democratic Party could not be more thrilled or excited to have the cast of Seinfeld reunite for the cause to turn Texas blue. Texas Democrats are rising. This is our moment. With unprecedented turnout the first week of early voting and with our talented, diverse staff, we have created the infrastructure necessary to flip Texas. Everything is on the line. If we win Texas, we change the face of American politics for a generation.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is not a fan of Donald Trump

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Moreover, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is quite a strong advocate for the Democratic Party. The Veep actress is putting a lot of effort to ensure Joe Biden wins the upcoming elections. But, Donald Trump is the reason Louis-Dreyfus and others are trying so hard to sway this election. In this year’s Democratic National Convention, Louis-Dreyfus threw a lot of shade at the President. While telling people to text “30330” for updates on the Biden campaign, she said:

“30330. That would be the president’s golf score if he didn’t cheat. OK, look. I’ll admit that was a little nasty. But we all know he’s a cheater. And I’m proud to be a nasty, nasty woman.”

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