Netflix’s Haunting Of Hill House Is A Feisty Halloween Treat

The new Netflix horror series, ‘Haunting of Hill House’ has been an instant hit. Fans and Critics both love the Netflix presentation alike.  And the show is topping the charts on review-aggregators.  Haunting of Hill House currently holds a 91% critic score, along with a 93% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 785 reviews.  Additionally, IGN has given this show a 9.5 rating; making Haunting of Hill House the best-ever rated Netflix series.

Netflix Back In The Quality Game

The rough-hewn caliber of Netflix shows these days is regrettably dismissive. Although Netflix’s Library of original content is expanding at the pace of a race car, the quality of its shows is running precipitously downhill. Amidst this excess of substandard, crude shows Haunting of Hill House is verily a breath of fresh air. It is probably the best-serialized horror drama I’ve seen in a long time. Furthermore, its cinematic tone surpasses the more widely known horror shows like American Horror Story, and even most horror movies. (I would watch the Haunting of Hill House thousand times over The Nun). The Haunting of Hill House celebrates the true spirit of Halloween, aptly ensuring that the 10 hours of your time do not go waste.

Horror entertainment has a very formulaic style. It starts from unearthly, eldritch occurrences possessing the aura. Later, sinisterly tragic events further the narration. The climax then revolves around the elimination of sin that initiated the unholy activities, or more popularly around ghost-busting. Netflix‘s Haunting of Hill House thankfully deviates from this quintessential storytelling. The ghosts aren’t exactly what composes the real drama in this inventive story. It does not obviously mean that they aren’t scary. Trust me, the high-jinks and horseplay will make you screamingly jump off your couches every now and then. But, these ghosts do not characterize what the real scare in Haunting of Hill House is all about.  Rather they are the more de facto evils, Grief, shame, guilt, and envy that are the real intriguing bedrocks in the saga.

The Plot of Haunting of Hill House

The plot of this Netflix web series is a riveting and compelling one. It follows the lives of the five Crain siblings and their estranged father. The lives of every character in this ensemble are shrouded with an individual sensation of mystery and sin. For them, it is less about the archived-curse that has been haunting them since childhood and is more about facing and overcoming their own internal wicked whispers.  Shirley Jackson’s novel of the same namesake serves as the source material from this startling piece of art. The book is exactly the kind of publication you would see in the race for the National Book Award. And, Netflix ‘s rendition of this classic work acutely holds congruent perfection.

Mike Flanagan-The Wonder Worker

Mike Flanagan, the man who had earlier given Netflix one its best horror originals Gerald Games, is also the show-runner for Haunting of Hill House. This should come to you as a surprise if you have watched Gerald Games that the Haunting of Hill House is doing so wells. The two presentations depart in several ways, yet they retain the genius and ambition of Flanagan.

Critics have turned harsher on Netflix ‘s pool of original content. Especially after Netflix has quite undeservingly taken home the largest number of Emmy trophies this year. However, there is not a single critic around who has dared to slam the sheer splendor of the Haunting of Hill House. The characters, the visuals, and scare quotient are all perfectly in place. The end is fulfilling. And even if I try hard I cannot figure out a single reason to stop you from watching the show.

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