Netflix Racism Row: #BlackLivesMatter Only On Posters

This blame game is about the world-popular streaming service Netflix. Netflix has been alleged for its latest indiscreet promotional formula. These diplomacies mislead subscribers both professionally and morally. Netflix is using black actors to promote certain films. In reality, these actors only appear as a guest or have a little part in the movie. When viewers browsed the Netflix suggestion portal to watch the next promo, Netflix completely misguided them. The poster showing their favorite Black actor has nothing to do with the movie. And its gesture of misusing #BlackLivesMatter is not going down well with the public.

Some cases which showcase this issue are ITV’s detective series Lewis black which is highly under the storm. Viewers claim that black actors were shown on the banner, shielding the leading white cast.

#BlackLivesMatter, Black Posters Don’t

Tolani Shoneye, ‘The Receipts podcast’ host, felt coaxed by such an immoral tactic. She reported about a Zac Efron film which Netflix claimed as a “Michael B Jordan movie.” Moreover, she talked about a romantic comedy which she thought was about the black couple. There is nothing in the movie which the advertisement tells us. The podcast host is totally misguided via its poster on Netflix.

Talk of the town is the original series of the company, “The Good Cop”. The advertisement of this killing-thriller displays the distinguished black actors. This smartly covers up the major white cast.

The thumbnail of ‘Love Actually’ features Chiwetel Ejiofor. He has only a small role in the movie. However, this Richard Curtis creation employs collaborative white and black races. Hugh Grant is the main element of the movie.

The streaming service used to incorporate multiple images to promote a single film. It seems that the streaming giant has taken everything for granted because of its control over viewer’s choices.

Tim Harrington, a research analyst criticizes the grip of the company’s suggestion engine as,

“Netflix knows a lot about you, perhaps even race, but their understanding of what to do with this information is currently rudimentary.”

Netflix Denies Racism

The company responded to such allegations about subscription ethics

“We don’t ask members for their race, gender or ethnicity. So we cannot use this information to personalize their individual Netflix experience. The only information we use is a member’s viewing history.”

The streaming service has committed such racism before. It’s “Dear White People”, has angered black viewers as well. Consequently, it lost thousands of subscribers. Hopefully, the company won’t indulge in activities that anger their African American audience. We need to tackle these issues of racism and make these companies accountable. No wonder Colin Kaepernick did what he did and why celebrities support him like Amy Schumer and Rihanna. These people stand for the minorities and are willing to go the extra mile. Big corporates like Netflix need to take into account. Even Nike using Colin Kaepernick in their campaign is evidence of that.

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