Malu Trevejo Throws Party Amid COVID-19 After Moving Out of ‘abusive’ house

Malu Trevejo is a popular TikTok star and musician who’s been in the headlines recently. One of the reasons was that she had a very public mental breakdown over her alcoholic mother and her abusive household. Though, things seem to be changing as she moved out of her house after turning 18. She also ended up making an OnlyFans and even increasing the prices while she’s on it. It has led to some speculating that she’s scamming fans. And she did another controversial thing, Malu Trevejo threw a huge party amid a pandemic.

Malu Trevejo throws huge party not following the rules

YouTuber and social commentator, Def Noodles, share the footage of Malu Trevejo’s 18th birthday party. Malu is seen throwing cash at a dancer while people are close around her dancing and enjoying themselves. There is no social distancing seen at the party.

Def also shares that the rules of social gatherings are clearly not followed. These are the rules:


Along with no social distancing, the attendees at Malu Trevejo’s party were also not wearing masks. Plus, there were a lot of people attending the party.

No one was following the SOPs that were put in by the State governments. Malu Trevejo isn’t the first influencer to throw a huge party amid a pandemic. Others that have thrown a big party and gotten backlash for it are Nikita Dragun and Bryce Hall.

With huge parties like these happening more and more in Los Angeles, it is not surprising to know that the coronavirus cases keep increasing in the city. In all of the United States of America, there has been a reported of 8.32 million cases. Meanwhile, there have been almost 221,000 deaths so far. In just Los Angeles, there have been almost 290,000 reported coronavirus cases.

Will Malu address the backlash?

Malu Trevejo has made no public apology or addressed the matter as of yet. She’s currently promoting her new account on OnlyFans. She has also posted these cryptic tweets that may possibly in response to the backlash she’s dealing with:


It may have something to do with her old abusive household where her mother emotionally abused her on multiple occasions. When she was venting about the situation on a live-stream, she talked about how she was happy about turning 18:

And I’m so glad Im turning 18 in 20 days because I cannot live here anymore. I can’t. And I can’t be happy. I wake up and there’s something wrong. If she’s drunk, she makes up a f*cking fight and throws things. Then she has the nerve to f*cking tell me oh why’d you breaking sh*t? Because that’s the only way I get attention. Coz y’all motherf*ckers are f*cked up in the head.

Malu Trevejo was telling her followers about her mother during the rant.

Let’s see if she responds to the backlash for throwing this party.

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