Kanye West’s Flowery Birthday Surprise For Kim Kardashian

How would you feel waking up with floral decors around and a pianist playing soft tunes in the air? This is what Kim Kardashian got from her loving husband Kanye West on 21st October, her 38th birthday.

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian was spell-bound to see huge bouquets of refreshing flowers in auspicious arrangements. These floral, scented beings are adorned in all the corners of her house. Kim instantly releases an Instagram story with the caption,

“Kayne West ’s most creative when it comes to sending me flowers for my birthday!

Kayne West’s Grandeur

Kanye West also invited a proficient pianist to play music for Kim Kardashian. When Kim woke up in this enchanted scene, the couple was excited. And they shared those moments in a video to their dearest fans. Kanye West also expressed his feeling in the caption,

“You’re stunning. I will keep trying to make things that can express how beautiful you are inside. And out and how much I love you and our family.”

Twitter followers can check the pianist playing the grand piano. Don’t miss those vibrant flowers and soft feathers swinging from the ceiling in the plush -white backdrop.

The videos telecasted all the adorned floral arrangements of pulsating pink and purple flowers. These blossoms were swirling in Kim Kardashian and Kayne West ‘s room. The video captures the light jazz piano music in the background. One note spoke: “love you so much, babe.”

Kim Kardashian Is Used To Floral Surprises

Kanye West has set a tradition of celebrating his wife’s special days. Kim Kardashian has not forgotten those sumptuous floral arrangements on their wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day. Kanye is identified now for showing his love in a unique style. On mother’s day 2016, a string orchestra played their notes in his house to celebrate Kim’s maternal event. In 2016 he presented never-before-seen family moments in a gift pack for his love.

Kim Kardashian shared this occasion with her social media fans and posted a video with a note. The note stated that the orchestra is the Mother’s Day surprise in her living room.

Kim and Kanye West got married in Florence, Italy on May 24, 2014. Both of them are configured with a celebrating gene as they enjoy every occasion merrily. The countless pre-wedding festivities include the Valentino Garavani’s castle party outside of Paris. In addition to,  a grand banquet at the Palace of Versailles.

Kanye West made his first appearance on a sequel of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” in 2010. In 2012 Kanye portrayed Kim Kardashian in his song ‘Cold’. It was the same year, the relationship flourished. In June 2013 North West was born to the couple, and finally, in 2014 they tied the knot. Thus marking a legal matrimonial beginning.

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