Paris Hilton releases song ‘I Blame You’ in honor of her beau Carter Reum

Paris Hilton has released a song ‘I Blame You’ after her documentary ‘This is Paris’. Even though it’s hard to guess from the title, the song ‘I Blame You’ is a love song about her boyfriend Carter Reum. By listening to the lyrics, you’ll see how Paris has finally found the perfect match in Reum. Another great thing about the track is that all of the money coming from the song will be going to the Breaking Code Silence initiative that aims to end abuse in correctional facilities.

Listen to Paris Hilton’s song ‘I Blame You’

The song consists of a lot of fun beats and it’s definitely one you can listen to at the night club. That’s not surprising to expect from Paris Hilton who loves dancing at clubs and is a DJ herself! Though, ‘I Blame You’ was produced by DJ Lodato.

The song shares Paris Hilton’s feelings about how she finally feels good and better when she’s with her love. And we all know it’s dedicated to her current boyfriend Carter Reum.

Ever since I met you
Can’t forget you
Always with you
Kinda feel like I’m alive
As if I’m healing
Started breathing
And I’m feeling
All these things for the first time

Paris ‘blames’ Carter Reum, but in this context, it’s actually a good thing! You can get hooked to the song dancing at the club or just by yourself at night.

A great job was done at the music video as well! In true Paris Hilton fashion, we see the influencer and entrepreneur being a real-life Barbie donning on stunning outfits. She’s posing in several iconic looks in different locations. Overall, we get a feeling of a Paris Hilton who’s finally feeling happy and better.

Paris Hilton’s past abusive relationships

After having suffered abuse at the correctional instituted she was forced to attend, Paris Hilton also dealt with pain in her relationships. Paris would often find that she could not trust the men she was dating. One of the major scandals, her se*-tape leaking was also done by the person she was dating, Rick Saloman.

In the documentary, Paris Hilton has admitted that she felt ‘electronically raped’ when multiple tabloids and gossip magazines kept reporting the news story.

Paris Hilton has also shared with the world how she’s suffered things she shouldn’t have in her romantic relationships:

“I went through multiple abusive relationships. I was strangled, I was hit, I was grabbed aggressively. And I put up with things no one should. I had become so used to [abusive behavior] at Provo [boarding school], that it made me feel like it was normal.”

The Provo Boarding School was a correctional facility that mentally and physically abused Paris Hilton when she was a teenager. This was heavily talked about her in her documentary.

Paris has also shared that all the men in her life would initially be nice but then their true intentions would show. Many didn’t have the right intentions with Paris Hilton, with several of them treating her badly. The reality star admits that she was so desperate to find love that she put up with behavior that she should not have.

Hearing the lyrics, ‘And I’m feeling, All these things for the first time’, now make much more sense!

Carter Reum became a source of happiness for Paris

Paris has now found love and happiness in her boyfriend Carter Reum. The entrepreneur shared she never felt this way before:

“I feel so safe with him. Before, I don’t think I was really ready for a good relationship. But I’ve learned so much. And I’m so grateful to have found my perfect match.”

Her feelings can be shown in the song’s lyrics:

When you’re with me
Really with me
And you get me
I feel I don’t need to hide
And I feel peaceful
Real at ease you
Make me feel new
Ever since you said you’re mine

Carter Reum is an author and just like Paris Hilton, he’s a big entrepreneur. It’s amazing Paris has finally her perfect match in him.

Hopefully, we’ll get more music from her!

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