Is Blaire White putting Transgender people in danger?

The LGBTQ+ Community has been facing discrimination issues from many years. Even though we are living in the 21st century, there are many people in the world who are still against the LGBTQ+ community. One of the social activists, Blaire White, has been criticizing other transgender people for quite some while now. Just recently, she faced a controversy for posting allegations against a transgender bodybuilder without doing a proper research. Following the allegations, Blaire White received a huge back lash and then she issued an apology after acknowledging her mistakes. The question is, is she putting transgender people life in danger? Why is she doing it?

The recent mishap

Throughout her YouTube creator, Blaire White has posted many controversial stories on her YouTube account. She has tried to call out every problematic transgender influencer/personality. While some of them were really not good people, a few were accused without any reason and proper research.

The latest victim of her non-researched content, Janae Marie Kroc, stood up against Blaire White. Janae Marie Kroc is a transgender bodybuilder and power-lifter. An online magazine, Muscle and Fitness, published a detailed story of Matt Kroczaleski coming out as Janae Marie Kroc. Every issue Janae faced has been discussed in detail in the exclusive article. However, Blaire White called Janae out for “competing with cisgender women”. Following which, Janae started receiving threats and hatred. She also highlighted the same issue on her Instagram.

Janae’s post

Blaire White apologizes

Following Janae Marie Kroc’s post (dated September 28), Blaire White issued an apology through her social handles and deleted the YouTube video that caused people to show hatred towards Janae.

While Blaire White has clarified that she was not planning an intentional deception on her part, some people are still finding it untrue.

Blaire White also mentioned that she has offered her Ad Sense earning through that deleted video to Janae Marie and she is waiting for her response on it. Moreover, Blaire white has also taken a break from posting on social media & YouTube. Blaire claims that she has been posting constantly for five years. And the pressure of content creation has made her sloppy.

Blaire White should be more careful with her content

Janae Marie Kroc’s case is an example of what could go wrong if content creators are not careful of their content. Trying to prove something to the world, which you are not even sure of, has its consequences. While some fans have accepted her apology, others are calling it a Tana Mongeau stunt of posting an emotion-less apology.

Another YouTuber with the name of iNabber (Fraser MacDonald) has posted a detailed video on how harmful such false allegations can be. Blaire White’s misreporting on Janae Marie is not her first worst mistake. Last year, Blaire White posted a person in the thumbnail, forgetting that the general rule of thumb is when you post a person in thumbnail and put an accusatory title under it, people take the thumbnail person being same as the title. After some viewers highlighted the issue, Blaire White changed the thumbnail without addressing what she did was wrong.

People have also highlighted that Blaire White deliberately cropped a post from Janae Marie to fit her content. She did not show the complete OG post where Janae confirmed she will be competing against men for a fair competition.

Janae Marie accepts her apology

In a recent interview after Blaire White posted her apology, Janae Marie confirmed that she has accepted Blaire’s apology. However, she also highlighted that Blaire should be more careful about posting any content on the internet without doing a proper research.

Many people from transgender community have always been on Blaire White’s side. However, after this incident, they want her to stop being a reason to hurt the transgender community. They also highlighted that Blaire should have released an instant apology. However, she waited for 2 weeks and the video was on YouTube for 2 weeks before Blaire deleted it. Some even say that she might not have issued an apology if she was not losing subscribers for her mistake.

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