Robin Wright Wanted Stephen Colbert On House of Cards

House of Cards will soon shut shop with its final season 6. It will star Robin Wright as the only titular character post Kevin Spacey’s distasteful ousting. There, Robin Wright‘s Claire Underwood will be seen taking over the presidency, overthrowing the ‘middle-aged-white-man.” Recently, Robin Wright made an appearance on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show, where she made some very interesting revelations.

The interview began with Robin Wright dishing out some details about the forthcoming finale of her Netflix political thriller. The House of Cards. Soon afterward, Robin Wright voiced a desire before The Late Show host, Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert Would Not Audition For The House Of Cards

She said: “I wanted you on the show.” Stephen fired back ‘Did I say no? I take it back if I said no. I say yes’. Robin Wright, with her signature wit, revealed some creative roadblocks around Stephen Colbert’s casting for the Netflix show. She revealed ‘I heard a rumor that you wouldn’t audition. And, that “you’d have to offer it to me.”

Robin Wright Wanted Him As The Press Secretary

Eventually, Stephen Colbert did confirm the rumor. He confirmed that he didn’t audition. Later, Robin Wright went on to express how she desired Stephen Colbert to join the House of Cards as the US press secretary.

Stephen Colbert, quickly realizing that he had missed an opportunity fired back.

‘Ohhhh, you gotta do another season, CBS will let me out, right. That breaks my heart.’

Apparently, Stephen Colbert wanted the part to be offered to him. That is probably the reason things did not materialize with him for the House of Cards. Stephen Colbert was clearly not surprised when the 52-year-old actress articulated her views. It was rather palpable that Stephen Colbert was in talks for the show.

Woes Of The Netflix Show Post Kevin Spacey’s Exit

The two also discussed the tragic times the House of Cards had to go through post the firing of Kevin Spacey. Robin Wright expressed that the creative team was highly confused over what it had to do with the Netflix show. Eventually; however, they reached an agreement that they would pack up their brand exactly the way they had intended earlier. This would be the kind of gesture that would honor House Of Cards’ loyal viewers.

The House of Cards will drop its final season on November, 2nd 2018, on Netflix

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