Demi Lovato hanging out with Mod Sun after her split with Max Ehrich

The ‘Heart Attack’ singer Demi Lovato was seen cozying up with Bella Thorne’s ex-boyfriend Mod Sun. I don’t know about you guys but I went into shock after seeing this news circulating on the internet. Though there is nothing wrong with these amazingly talented singers hanging out together. But we never knew if Demi and Mod Sun were friends. Anyways, It feels so good to see Demi smiling after her short-lived romance with Max Ehrich. The couple started seeing each other in March, got engaged in July, and then parted ways after mid-September.

According to Demi’s ex-boyfriend Max Ehrich, he found out about his relationship status with Demi through tabloids. But a lot of sources close to Demi claimed that this situation is close to impossible. Demi on the other hand stayed quiet on this matter and still hasn’t made any statement about Max’s claim. But there are some rumors surfacing on the tabloids that Demi might be involving some lawyers to handle Max. Because he has been messaging Demi’s family and friends to seek her attention.

Demi is trying her level best to stay calm and spend her time with her loved ones. She was recently spotted with versatile singer Derek Ryan Smith aka Mod Sun.

Demi Lovato gets cozy with Mod Sun after her breakup with Max Ehrich

So, Demi Lovato and Mod Sun were recently spotted all cuddled up in a black SUV. Now we don’t really know if these two are just friends or if something else is brewing between them. But even if something else is brewing between them, we would all suggest them to take things really slow.

As both Mod Sun and Demi Lovato went through nasty breakups. And they were spotted right after Demi’s ex-boyfriend Max Ehrich was seen out and about with Sonika Vaid. A lot of fans are speculating that Demi was trying to make a point to Max.

Apart from driving around in the SUV, Demi and Mod were also spotted at a burger joint. While we really don’t mind their coziness, some sources close to Demi shared with E! that these two are just good friends.

Or there is also a possibility that these two are working on a song collaboration. And if they are, we cannot just wait for it to come out. Last but not the least, we only hope for the best for these two and wish them speedy healing from their past relationship breakups.

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