Gigi Hadid Gets Sued For Instagram Post

Gigi Hadid Is Getting Sued By Paparazzi For Posting A Photograph Of Herself

Gigi Hadid recently posted a photograph of herself on Instagram standing outside an event. Though, she did not expect that people would sue her for this very act!

After Gigi Hadid’s post went up, she was promptly contacted by her management who informed her that she was being legally pursued using the image without giving credit to the photographer. Gigi being Gigi, decided that she had had enough. She took to Instagram and retaliated against the paparazzi for ‘legally stalking’ her.

Gigi Hadid Feels Trapped By The Paparazzi

After Gigi took the copyrighted image down, she posted a very passionate post on Instagram.
She stated that she often feels trapped by the paparazzi. She says she can’t leave her home to go out anywhere without worrying that someone’s following her. And taking unsolicited photographs of her.

Gigi went on to explain that she doesn’t want her photograph taken. She’s trying to lead a normal life. She said that it isn’t often talked about how the mental and emotional toll of this side of being a celebrity. She confessed that there are several days when she stays inside. It’s because she doesn’t want all this attention.

She feels that the paparazzi are exploiting her by ‘legally stalking’ her. She feels they are making money off of her any chance they get. Gigi Hadid also added that the general public is also put in danger when paparazzi drive recklessly in pursuit of a photo. She claims that she herself, and many of the people she knows, have gotten into accidents in cars and cab services due to this.

In her post, Gigi Hadid went on to say that although she realizes that this is how paparazzi earn their living and she respects that this territory comes with her job, there’s still a line that does not need to be crossed.

The Photograph That Got Gigi Into Trouble

Gigi claims that she found the photograph without any credits on Twitter. It didn’t even have a watermark of the photographer’s name otherwise she would have given credit where credit was due. She says that she still would have given credit after the fact if she had been asked to do so.

Kylie Jenner also spoke out in support of Gigi, claiming that it is disappointing that it is alright for paparazzi to invade their privacy because they’re public figures and it needs to change. Bella Hadid also applauded her sister for speaking about an issue that plagues them all.

Regardless of whether it is Gigi herself that is featured in the photograph and deserves to have rights to it; it is still indeed subjected to copyright laws – paparazzi or not.

Thus, this is a cautionary tale for celebrities that they probably shouldn’t cross-post photographs of themselves from the internet, unless they are sure they have permission to do so.

The case was later dismissed.

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