Niall Horan just won a pop award for his hit ‘Nice to meet ya’

Nice to meet ya, what’s your name? Let me treat ya to a drink. I like the way you talk, I like the things you wear. I want your number tattooed on my arm in ink, I swear. Can you hear the rhythm as you read these words? If not, then you should definitely listen to Niall’s song ‘Nice to meet ya’ right now. The song will become your new favorite immediately. It was released a year ago (4th of October 2020) and climbed higher in the charts throughout the world with each passing day. It was co-written by the singer himself in one day, the other writer being his pal Ruth-Anne Cunningham.

Niall Horan shares gratitude in his acceptance speech

Fast-forward to October 2020 – Niall wins a Pop award for this amazing song in BMI London 2020 awards. BMI awards were set to celebrate and honor the songs that were played frequently on different platforms in Europe. In a video posted by BMI, Niall expressed his excitement over being the recipient of the award.

“Hi Guys, Its Niall Horan. I am absolutely delighted to receive this award from BMI. ‘Nice to meet ya’ was one of the top songs of the year which makes me really happy because I rolled it,” he said holding his award and medal, “Thank you for another one of these lovely awards and the medal”.

Furthermore, some other popular faces that received the awards included Ed Sheeran, Bernie Marsden, Ellie Goulding, Gary Kemp, and Caroline Ailin.

I have to admit that seeing One Direction breaking apart was very hard but now I feel like the five lads are giving us five times more entertainment. We wish them all the best for their future songs and hope that we will be writing a lot more articles about their awards.

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