Phil Collins Kicks Out Ex-Wife From Miami Home?

Things don’t seem all that good in paradise for Phil Collins and his ex-wife, Orianne Cevey. According to TMZ, Orianne Cevey, the ex-wife changed the security codes for the home and declared that she will not be going anywhere. However, Phil Collins, a multitalented person, known for his drumming, singing, songwriting, and acting career, has now decided to file an eviction lawsuit to remove Orianne Cevey from his residence.

Moreover, Orianne has also threatened to release potentially embarrassing and false accusations against Phil. However, if he chooses not to remove her from his sprawling mansion, she will stay there quietly.

Phil Collins and Orianne’s Turbulent Timeline

The pair share two sons together and got divorced in 2008. The celebrity website reported Phil Collins had paid her a $46 million settlement.

However, the couple ended up reconciling in 2016 after Orianne had divorced her husband, Charles Mejjati. But the drama does not end there. It is also true that Orianne also married another man while in Las Vegas called Thomas Bates. According to TMZ, she had told Phil Collins that she was on a business trip.

Multiple sources revealed that Orianne was looking to renegotiate her 2008 divorce settlement from Phil Collins. This was because she needed the money. Orianne had dried up all her finances on bad investments and a divorce from Charles.

What Has Phil Collins Been Up To?

Phil had recently suffered a nasty fall that resulted in him getting stitches for a severe gash on his head. However, the singer resumed his “Not Dead Yet” tour in Cologne, Germany, and returned to stage with a white bandage on his head.

“Last night was number two of five sell-out shows in the 16,000 seat arena. And for the second night all of the audience was on its feet for the whole second half of the show,” a rep told Page Six. “Phil had a huge grin on his face, he is feeling better and better and although tired, is very happy.”

The Genesis singer had to reschedule some of his shows after he had slipped in his hotel room on his way to the bathroom. A statement revealed on Facebook revealed that Phil suffers from ‘drop foot’ as a result of a back operation which sometimes makes it difficult to walk.

Phil’s daughter Lily Collins at the premiere of her new movie, Okja, shared that her dad was well and recovering. “He’s doing good, thank you,” she said.

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