Why Twitter thought Music Producer Dr. Luke died!

The latest ongoing rumor about Music Producer Dr. Luke’s death is proof enough that the internet is a scary place. Especially for public figures such as Dr. Luke (full name Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald). The rumor first started when the record producer Luke’s name popped up on Twitter linked to a fake screenshot that falsely announced his death. Soon the platform was flooded with tweets like:

“IS IT TRUE????????? IS DR LUKE D**D????”

Dr. Luke; alive and well!

Putting the rumors to rest, let us begin by saying that Dr. Luke is alive and well. It’s always horrific to see such misinformation make rounds on the internet.

The fake news started to spread when a false Instagram screenshot surfaced on Twitter in which the person revealing the news claimed to be Luke’s wife. A twitter user shared the screenshot and wrote:

“Omg Dr Luke died. His wife wrote that he died on IG. #DrLuke,”

The Culprit!

While the Twitterati speculated what had actually happened to the producer, one Twitter account with the name of “@DOJADlOR aka “anand | RT PINNED” tweeted:



Additionally, when it trended a few months ago in April, Yashar Ali, New York Magazine/HuffPost contributor tweeted:

“Dr Luke is trending because there are rumors going around (based on an alleged Instagram post by his partner) that he has passed away. I’ve texted the cell phone belonging to Dr. Luke to check. Have also asked his attorney for comment.”

The tweet was later deleted by him, however, the screenshot spreading the fake news came back on twitter and went viral. It led to people bringing back Yashar’s tweet as well.


A lot of people came out to condemn the fake news on twitter. A Los Angeles-based writer for ‘The Lizzie Bennet Diaries’, Rachel Kiley, wrote:

 “Oof, twitter reallllllly disappointing with that dr. luke trending topic.”

The writer of the Netflix series ‘Daybreak’, and Host of the Crooked Media podcast ‘Keep It!’, Ira Madison III, tweeted:

“Not texting Dr. Luke ‘hey are you dead?'”

She also added a crying emoji along with the text.


Moreover, a write from the PEOPLE, Tomás Mier, tweeted:

“It’s fake!”

He also added:

“Dr. Luke’s manager just confirmed to me that Dr. Luke did not die and that some screenshot that’s circulating on Twitter is fake. ‘It is not true. Account was hacked.’ A Doja Cat stan account is allegedly responsible for the doctored screenshot…”

Dr. Luke’s Lawsuit with singer Kesha Rose

On the other hand, some people were seen slamming Luke for the series of Lawsuits and countersuits between him and the singer, Kesha Rose Serbet back in 2014. The battle started when she wanted to cancel her contract with the music producer to work with other labels and publishing units.

According to Rolling Stone, the lawsuit argued that Dr. Luke:

 “sexually, physically, verbally, and emotionally abused [Kesha] to the point where [she] nearly lost her life.”

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