Shane Dawson Shows the Real Jake Paul

Can We Give Him Another Chance?

After devoting about nine hours of my life on Shane Dawson’s docuseries on Jake Paul, I can say one thing: I definitely do not regret it. People reading this will either wholeheartedly agree with me or hate me with a passion. There isn’t exactly a middle ground here. And that’s because of how the whole platform of YouTube and the internet at large works. Let’s delve deeper into what Shane Dawson helped give to us: the real Jake Paul.

YouTube Promotes Drama

The main reasons as to why Jake Paul is so controversial is because he was involved in so much drama. To many, it seemed like it was just for the views or promotion of their merch. But after seeing the docuseries, it’s clear that real drama was involved. Real, messy and complicated fights and emotions were occurring behind the scenes and no one know how to deal with it.

Since YouTubers, and especially bloggers’ careers have it in their job descriptions to reveal everything about their lives, incidents that should never have been put online were put out there for everyone to see. Jake Paul was a part of that very system. It led to him doing a lot of stuff that he now regrets. But Shane Dawson tries to get down to the root cause of everything, despite him hyping up this idea that Jake was a sociopath in his earlier videos.

How People Betrayed Jake Paul


Love him, hate him, or just be apathetic about him. If anyone has seen the docuseries, they can all agree on one thing: a lot of people betrayed him. It’s true that it happens all the time in business, but with him it was just taken a bit too far. Jake Paul opens up about the Martinez twins and the Alissa Violet situation. Jake says that he brought the Maritnez twins from Mexico and gave them a place to live in and a career. So when they left, it really hurt him. Jake Paul said that he would always tell everyone about the pranks before doing them, and that’s something even Alissa Violet attested to in the 7th video of the docuseries. So it hurt Jake when they said that he bullied them. To them they were like his little brothers he cared immensely for. Another thing that he tackled was the racism issues. Jake Paul basically gave a justification for it in terms of the fact that everyone joked about it off camera and it was all done in a light-hearted manner. No one had any malicious intent when they were joking around. It was also a two-way street.

But, now he said that he understands how there has to be a line somewhere and people’s feelings have to be taken into account. That might not be a proper justification and people might still hate Jake Paul for it. But at least he realized what he did was wrong.

Alissa Violet and Logan Paul Hurting Him


Then Shane Dawson asked him about the whole Alissa Violet situation and both seemed to be in a mutual state of extreme emotions. It was definitely an emotional topic for Jake Paul. And it was obvious that this was the first time he was even getting a chance to process everything.

What adds great merit to this docuseries is the fact that most of the sides of the stories were revealed. Shane Dawson made a careful effort to give everyone a chance to talk about what’s on their mind. Shane Dawson helped Alissa Violet get closure by helping her talk about everything. She said that she never knew if they were officially dating or not and she felt pain throughout the relationship. She slept with Logan Paul but she immensely regrets that decision.

Jake Paul admitted that he didn’t treat Alissa Violet right and definitely did hurt her. He feels like he put her in so much pain that she had to go out and do this major thing that completely shocked him and hurt him beyond repair. Jake said that he didn’t even know how to process the emotions. But he didn’t kick her out without informing her. And he did try to make sure Alissa had places that she could crash in.

“No one was innocent in that situation”.

What did Logan Paul Say About it?

Logan Paul didn’t know the two were an actual item. So, to him he didn’t see anything wrong with it. But it’s not surprising for anyone to see why Logan Paul couldn’t see anything wrong with it. But it would be inhumane to deny Jake Paul the ability to feel hurt by this incident. Even if he was reckless and crazy, it doesn’t justify denying him to be human. His own brother betrayed him, that would hurt anyone.

Shane Dawson helps us realize that no matter how dramatic and controversial someone is, they’re actually just human with emotions they have no control over. That’s what he did with Jeffree Star as well. Jake didn’t want his relationship with Logan to go awry, because then to him Alissa would win. So, he had to fight hard against his emotions and not leave his family. It would be emotionally draining for anyone to do.

Jake Paul Didn’t Know He Was Manipulating His Audience


Shane Dawson, quite like a father figure explained to Jake Paul how adults might perceive him as a bad influence to his younger audience. He’s constantly promoting his merch and that might lead some people to believe he’s just manipulating the young kids to buy stuff from him. But Jake Paul gave his own justification for it saying that he didn’t do it to manipulate anyone. He just wanted his content to inspire people and brighten their lives. The merch were just going to a symbol and reminders to his fans to stay positive. That might just be another marketing gimmick by Jake to convince his audience to buy more merch, or he might actually be telling the truth. It’s anyone’s best guess.

Explicit Content in Jake’s Videos

Shane addresses the sexual content that comes in Jake’s videos. It clearly doesn’t make sense because that’s inappropriate for his target audience. Shane advised him to hire someone older and rational that helps Jake realize what should be put in videos. Let’s see if Jake follows that advice or not!

It’s Okay to Give Him Another Chance


Okay, look Jake Paul himself admits that he didn’t know any better. He keeps saying that the views and fame got to him. A competitive environment that their father Greg Paul instilled in them pushed to rise on top, no matter what the stakes. The stakes here was the mental stability of someone who was just trying to get famous on YouTube and earn some bucks off it. He admitted to a lot of mistakes he made. He didn’t paint himself as the only victim of the whole Alissa Violet situation. The vlogger was careful not to defend his brother when Shane Dawson brought up the suicide forest video.

Jake was also aware that he could have handled things better like the Faze Banks situation. He admits it was wrong to put that sensitive topic online for everyone to see. But, he didn’t know any better. YouTube is an environment that pushes people to be crazy. Jake Paul didn’t have anyone around him to tell him to not cross some lines. Even his own father and brother pushed him to go bigger. It was a consequence of his upbringing and the environment he lives in. In the Team 10 house, he was taking care of a lot of content creators. Many people depended on him. It’s too much for any twenty year old.

Now he will think of everything and actually work towards a solution. A major one being that Greg Paul needs to stand down and just be a father for Jake and Logan. They might even restructure the whole Team 10 house.

Shane Dawson Going Too Soft?


People might call out Shane Dawson for being too soft and understanding. He clearly sympathized with Jake Paul so much that he let go of his whole narrative of Jake being a sociopath. But can we blame him if it was the actual truth? Shane saw people constantly discussing how controversial Jake Paul was but never Jake’s side of the story. He just gave him the platform to openly and easily talk about real things that had real consequences for Jake and the people around him. The Youtube system is broke. No one knows how to fix it yet. But at least Shane is going to the root cause of things, he’s not just talking about people like everyone else. If you’re creative enough, you can paint anything in a dramatic or controversial light.

But to actually figure out what went wrong and why, that takes proper effort and time. It’s why it took Shane Dawson eight hour long videos to help clarify everything about Jake. It’s as dramatic as it seemed. But at least it’s real. At least we are getting to know the real side to everything. And if we don’t give a people a chance to admit to their mistakes and start anew, then how can we ever hope to fix anything in the world?

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