Holidate starring Emma Roberts is coming to Netflix

The new Netflix holiday season is just around the corner and I could not be more excited. In this year’s holiday movie lineup, we have a new Emma Roberts’ starrer called “Holidate.”

The official trailer for the holiday rom-com dropped two days ago starring Emma Roberts in the lead role, Luke Bracey, Jessica Capshaw, Kristin Chenoweth and Frances Fisher. “Holidate” is written by the writer of Nancy Drew, Tiffany Paulsen and directed by Big Momma’s House 2’s John Whitesell.

The story is about two individuals, Sloane (played by Emma Roberts) and Jackson (played by Luke Bracey) who hate the holidays. This is because they are usually single for the holidays, stuck with awkward dates or sitting at the kids table at weddings. However, the two holiday-hating individuals meet one bad Christmas and make a pact to be each other’s ‘holidate’ for all the festive occasions throughout the next year. Since they do not have any romantic interest in each other (spoiler: yet) and share mutual hatred for the holidays, they make quite a good team. But sharing their hatred for things may be something the two unexpectedly end up loving.

You can catch the two leads up to many shenanigans in the trailer as they try to find true love. These shenanigans also include a Dirty Dancing lift moment that ended… quite unexpectedly, to say the least.

But like the all Netflix holiday rom-coms with lots of love, family drama, miscommunication about feelings, laughs and a happily-ever-after moment we all desperately crave, “Holidate” has it all!

What Else Is Coming To Netflix Besides Holidate?

Emma Roberts is not the only one bringing a Netflix holiday movie to our screens. National icon, Dolly Parton also has a movie of her own called “Christmas On The Square.”

“#ChristmasOnTheSquare is more than just a song…it’s also a musical!” Dolly Parton wrote on Instagram. “Watch my newest movie, directed by @therealdebbieallen and starring Christine Baranski, @jeniferlewisforreal and so many other talented folks. November 22 on @netflixfamily ❤️”

This year has been quite something. Which is why I, personally, cannot wait for some delightfully corny holiday fun like “Holidate” to look forward to.

Mark your calendars for October 28th, folks! That is when “Holidate” will drop on Netflix.

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