Riverdale Season 3’s ‘Jailhouse Rock’ Music Video: Insanely Crazy Entertainer

So, not everybody is happy with the way Riverdale’s storyline is shaping up. We all can say whatever we want. But the one thing that we cannot deny is that Riverdale never fails to turn in spectacular musical performances. Season 3 has too proved in its very early stages that it will continue the Riverdale legacy. This time around the River Vixens have geared up to spice things up with some Elvis swagger. They have dished out an utterly amazing Jailhouse Rock music video.

Riverdale Vixens Save The Day

The Jailhouse Rock music video had the fans feeling a wide range of emotions this Tuesday. Cheryl and Veronica’s rendition of the iconic music video to lighten up Archie’s mood under juvenile detention undoubtedly was the highlight of the entire episode. The lifting crowd spirits, the shaking fences, the football dances- everything was adequately signature Riverdale style.

What Is Going On Though?

Archie does his quintessential chocolate boy stuff by encouraging Ghoulies and the Serpents into a fair match. The Vixens henceforth lend him their support by morally uplifting glitzy sequence. We saw earlier how Hiram prohibited Veronica from supporting Archie by any means. But now, it looks like that nothing can halt Veronica’s surmount ambitions. Performing in the mesmerizing Jailhouse Rock music video, Veronica extended her support to her ‘endgame’ boyfriend in his diplomatic gigs. Veronica’s creative ways to hold her relation strong in season 3 come out as far cry from the previous season. But, it is all for the better.

Fans Are Lovin’ It

Fans have simply gone gaga over Riverdale’s Jailhouse Rock music video. One fan commented on YouTube “this is the third time I’m watching this, I’m getting worried…”. Similarly, another wrote, “THIS. IS. THE. BEST. THING. EVER.”  Some Riverdale lovers just can’t get enough. “The replay button is already broken,” a fan wrote with enthusiasm for the upcoming episode.

Jailhouse Rock Music Video. A Doltish Move?

The ethics and logic behind the music video; however, dawn greatly upon the deteriorating quality of Season 3. The jailhouse routines were awkwardly embarrassing, and the security personals remained highly unfazed and oblivious. The Vixens just walked into a detention center without generating any law and order woes. And that wasn’t all, the crowd which shamelessly watches the sultry show is more perverted than anything we have seen on Riverdale so far.

The music video was joyously absurd. Perhaps this is a Riverdale specialty, drop the logistics and bring aboard the glamor.

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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