Chase Hudson asks fans to spread love and support

Chase Hudson, also known as Lil Huddy, has been focusing more on staying away from drama these days. He was a very active content creator till the time things went south when he was accused of kissing Nessa Barrett. Both were not in a relationship at that time. However, the history between them showed its face to hurt Chase’s reputation on the internet. Out of rage, he exposed all the Sway boys and how they have been cheating on their girlfriends. But since then, he has been staying away from drama-inducing content. Chase is now seen in vlogs of his fellow YouTubers. Just recently, he opened up about why he takes breaks from the internet and how his fans can help him spread positivity.

Chase Hudson wants to spread love and support

Chase Hudson posted a series of Instagram stories where he talked about spreading positivity, love and support. He started off by thanking the huddy gang for their constant support. Even when most of the internet was against him at one point, his fans were there for him. Breaking up with Charli D’Amelio and then the whole drama of kissing Nessa was enough to push him away from the internet.

Chase Hudson opened up to his fans and explained that he tries to give back as much love as he gets. However, it gets tough since he is one person responding to thousands of his fans. Even if he does not respond to someone, he still loves all of his fans for their constant support.

Chase Hudson also asked his fans to not just support him, but also support each other and spread good energy. He then asked his fans to spend some time off the phone. Chase also highlighted the negative affects of social media on the mental health. Especially these days since people are preferring to stay quarantined and healthy.

In his last Instagram story, Chase Hudson invited his fans to talk to him directly through DMs and he’ll help them to let it all out, whatever is causing pain.

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