Succession’s Nicholas Braun overhears interviewers saying he won’t win the Emmy

Nicholas Braun overhears interviewers talk behind his back

Nicholas Braun got his first Emmy Awards nomination this year. For playing the fan-favorite character of Cousin Greg on the HBO drama series “Succession” this year. He was nominated along with his co-stars Matthew MacFadyen and Kieran Culkin in the category of Drama Supporting Actor. So, Nicholas Braun was interviewed virtually as part of ABC’s pre-show coverage. During the interview, he sat with his family who seemed extremely proud of him.

After a while, Nicholas stopped being able to hear the interviewers. As a result, they cut to an interview with Giancarlo Esposito. The show then mistakenly switched to two interviewers. They were discussing how they both thought that it was Kieran Culkin who was going to take home the big award.

ABC then switched back to Nicholas and his family. Who all had just overheard the two interviewers declaring how they thought that Nicholas was not going to win the Emmy this time.

Nicholas, being the gentleman that he is, handled the situation quite gracefully:

“Um, you know, it was good to hear those bets before we started talking, Good to hear two votes for Kieran. But you know what, my vote’s with Matthew. Who knows? It is going to be great. I hope one of us wins, I hope it is a three-way tie — that would be fun. We could do a triple Zoom speech.”

Nicholas’s mother then told Nicholas that he and his costars were all winners which left the audiences in awe.

Who was the winner?

The Emmy was ultimately won by Billy Crudup for his role in The Morning Show. But Succession did not go back home empty-handed. The Amazon Prime drama won Best Drama Series, Best Directing, Best Writing for a Drama Series, and Best Leading Actor for Jeremy Strong.

Succession’s popularity

Braun talked with Gold Derby senior editor Rob Licuria before the nominations about how much his character, Greg, has changed over the course of two seasons and how his character is starting to gain power and why he thinks “Succession” has become so famous.

Succession was nominated this year for its exceptionally appealing, savagely funny season two. The series centers around the Roy family, a filthy rich media empire. And its fight for power when the male head of the family, Logan Roy, played by Brian Cox, falls ill. Fans witnessed a familiar “blood sacrifice” as Roy’s adult children struggled for the management of Waystar Royco.

A third season has been planned but production has been postponed due to the pandemic.

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