Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” breaks gate to go to work

Dwayne Johnson Breaks iron gate to reach work

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has shown his rough and tough man persona is no act as he prevented his family from being stuck at their house. After a power breakdown entrapped him inside, 48-years old Dwayne was compelled to pull his front gate from its joints with his bare hands so he could get to work.

The Jumanji actor shared with fans all the various ways he attempted to get the gates open after “a power outage due to severe storms” caused his front gate not to open.

Dwayne did not want to let the cast and crew down on his new film playing DC superhero Black Adam. The ex-wrestler chose to take the problem into his own hands. Along with a picture of the removed gate on the ground, he captioned the post:

  “Not my finest hour, but a man’s got to go to work”

After trying to ignore the hydraulic system and calling specialists to come and sort out the issue he decided he could not wait for them to arrive.

According to the security team, when the technicians showed up, they were “in disbelief and equally scared” that he managed to pull it off.


Dwayne Johnson wasn’t “in the mood”

The actor then put up a video of the destruction and the technicians moving away from the gate. He also decided not to jump out of the fence and get a ride to work if it happened again.

He then went on to express gratitude and appreciation for the technicians and welders, confessing it was:

 “just one of those days where I wasn’t in the mood”.


Dwayne Johnson’s incredible show of strength has left the fans absolutely shocked and awestruck. While Dwayne is famous for his muscular shape, it is exceptionally extraordinary to see what he can actually do with those muscles other than looking terrific on the movie poster. If he can do that to an iron gate, imagine what he could do to a human? Thankfully, the ex-wrestler is a gentleman at heart so, gates are the only things likely to feel his fury.

Dwayne Johnson and family tests positive for COVID-19

This also comes days after he disclosed that he and his family tested positive for coronavirus.  The actor revealed the news on Instagram by recording a clip.

Dwayne said that being a target of this deadly virus has been “a real kick in the gut.”. He explained:

 “And I’ve gone through some doozies in the past.”


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