Dua Lipa sets New Rules for COVID dating

Dua Lipa lays "new rules"
On the night of 17th of this month, Thursday, Dua Lipa and James Corden were seen introducing some new rules about Covid dating. In a skit at the famous “The Late Show With James Corden”. The 25-years old singer tried updating her songs “Don’t start now” and “New Rules” to apply to the realm of virtual or Zoom dating. Earlier that day Dua was seen announcing her parody music video to the world and her fans via a tweet. https://twitter.com/DUALIPA/status/1306760776284241921

Dua Lipa looked ravishing even in a mask

Dua Lipa and James Corden urged audiences to “grab Lysol” before they head out, with Lipa slipping on a glittery face mask to match her dress. Even with her face covered, Dua, nailed the look while a group of masked dancers surrounded her. Teaming her chainmail dress with a pair of black high suede heels and smoky tights, the London-born gorgeously exhibited her flexibility as she stretched out and posed to the camera. Wearing her glossy black locks in a shoulder-length voluminous hair with bangs, she embellished with a hair clip, while she emphasized her terrific looks with a hot palette of makeup. Dua Lipa started off by changing the chorus of disco-inspired anthem “Don’t Start Now”. It was changed to highlight the PSA:
“Wear a mask/Wash your hands/It’s not like you have other plans.”
Soon after that, the song then changed to Lipa’s solo “New Rules”, from 2017. This began with a list of guidelines for those preparing to date again. The lyrics included:
“There’s a new third base / It’s when you get to see their lower face,” Lipa sung. “And if you hit it off / Watch out if they start to cough.”
And continued:
“We’ve got new rules for dating / Safety is stimulating / It’s your neighbors you’re saving.”

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Previous songs by Dua Lipa

Lipa and the Blessed Madonna released Club Future Nostalgia last month. It is a remix album for her 2020 LP Future Nostalgia. The new remixes feature collaborations with Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Missy Elliott, Mark Ronson, Mr. Fingers, Horse Meat Disco Jacques, Lu Cont and Jada G. And sample songs by Steve Nicks, Neneh Cherry, Jamiroquai and Lyn Collins, among others. Her original Future Nostalgia LP was released back in March.

Fans reaction

Since the release of it, the fans are going crazy as a result of the release of this new parody music video. Twitter is flooded with tweets of fans supporting Dua Lipa. Moreover, YouTube is also full of YouTubers reviewing the song and sharing their first reactions to it. Audiences have once again proved how much in love they are with the singer and her songs.
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