Kendall Olivia says Jeffree Star’s Ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt was a cheater

Kendall Olivia recently shared her thoughts about Jeffree Star and his ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. And is it okay to say that I am a little shocked? So online tabloid ‘X17online video‘ caught hold of ASMR Youtuber aka Kendall Raindrop and asked her about Jeffree Star’s ex-boyfriend. The ASMR queen shared that she has heard a lot of things about Nathan from her girlfriends. Apparently, he was hitting on most of them. She further added that Nathan have also hit on a very close friend of her. I don’t know about you guys but I cannot digest this thing. Jeffree would have parted ways with Nathan earlier if he was being disloyal to him.

Kendall Olivia Raindrop says Jeffree Star’s Ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt hit on her friends

Online news tabloid ‘X17onlineVideo’ asks Kendall about her views on Nathan’s loyalty while she was leaving Pink Taco. And she really had a lot of things to say about him.

“I have heard some stories about him. I love Jeffree, I really do. But I do think it was a good decision to get rid of him (Nathan). Because i heard from my girlfriends that he was hitting them up. He had hit people that were very very close to me.”

No, we are not done yet. Kendall further added that Jeffree left Nathan for good.

“There was definitely some shadiness with his ex. And I think that Jeffree definitely upgraded. For sure, he has moved on and up.”

Now I was trying to find a connection between Kendall Olivia Raindrop, Jeffree Star, and Nathan Schwandt. Kendall just mentioned that her girlfriends and close friends shared a lot of stories about Nathan with her.

So, I connected some dots and found out that Kendall hangs out with Tana Mongeau and Cole Carrigan. But I really have no clue which friend she is actually talking about.

Jeffree Star never called his ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt a cheater

We all know that Nathan met Jeffree when he was just an ordinary person. They fell for each other so hard and spend almost 5 years together. It must be really tough for Jeffree to build his own makeup brand from scratch. Then making tons of makeup videos for YouTube and trying to balance both of his love and family life.

Nathan, on the other hand, helped Jeffree out in as many ways as he could. From handling his business to taking care of Jeffree, the dogs, and obviously their families. So how can somebody think that Nathan was cheating on Jeffree by hitting on his friends? Jeffree would have definitely talked about it in his Youtube videos, only if it actually ever happened. But it may not have.

We are also aware of the fact that Jeffree liked to attend adult or*gy parties. So maybe Kendall has got herself confused for something else. I mean if Nathan attended those parties with him, he would have enjoyed them equally as well. So it doesn’t mean that he was cheating on Jeffree.

Anyways, that’s it for today guys. Let us know if you are trying a hard time digesting this news as well.

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