Malu Trevejo reveals her mom is an alcoholic who emotionally abuses her

TikTok star and popular singer Malu Trevejo recently revealed shocking facts about her life on her live-stream. Finally breaking down after years of dealing with it, Malu shares that her mother is actually an alcoholic that has emotionally hurt her multiple times. The live-stream clips were shared by YouTube commentator Def Noodles.

Malu Trevejo reveals that her mom only uses her for money

In the clip, Malu completely breaks down and shares that her mother and step-father have been drinking:

F*cking drunk bro. And then they f*cking ask me Why I cant be okay? Why can’t I be okay? I’m on the f*cking drama right! This b*tch stays f*cking drinking.

Then Malu goes on to tell her viewers that she smokes weed every day to cope with the stress at her house:

I smoke weed. I smoke a f*cking blunt every day of my f*cking life. Why? Coz I get stressed of this f*cking bullsh*t. That’s what the f*ck happens.

The TikTok star also goes on to explain that she forgave her mother for so many things but she keeps doing this to hurt her:

This b*tch has lied to me about who my real dad is. And I still forgave her. This b*tch stole money from me. And I still forgive her. This b*tch creates drama every f*cking day of my life and I still forgive her. And she keeps going.

It appears that Malu Trevejo has finally reached her limit.

She also goes on to explain that her mother has, at that moment, called the cops because Malu threw away the cocaine her step-father had:

And then she calls the cops to tell them that her f*cking husband has cocaine and I threw it away because I don’t want that sh*t in my house. And they’re drunk and I’m mad and I broke some sh*t.

Malu also explains that it was her money they used to buy the drugs and shares that her mother has ‘never worked’ her entire life. She also accused her of lying to her about her real biological father. Malu’s real father is serving 122 years in jail for murder.

Malu Trevejo shares why she didn’t emancipate herself

Emancipation is a process of removing the authority of your parents before you’re 18. This can happen if the minor proves that it is in their best interest to be emancipated and can prove they can be financially independent. In Malu’s case, she easily could have done that considering she has over 8 million followers on TikTok and has released popular music videos as well.

But Malu Trevejo shared that she didn’t emancipate herself because if she had done that, her mother would end up in jail. Malu stayed with her mother out of care for her:

If I were to emancipate myself, my mom probably would have gone to jail and everybody around me probably would have gone to jail. So that’s why I never emancipated myself. I sticked around to take care of her when all the f*cking men would come in and out of her f*cking house.

Trevejo is happy that she’s turning 18 so that she can finally be free of this emotional abuse that she has to deal with:

And I’m so glad Im turning 18 in 20 days because I cannot live here anymore. I can’t. And I can’t be happy. I wake up and there’s something wrong. If she’s drunk, she makes up a f*cking fight and throws things. Then she has the nerve to f*cking tell me oh why’d you breaking sh*t? Because that’s the only way I get attention. Coz y’all motherf*ckers are f*cked up in the head.

Malu Trevejo further explains that she cannot escape this abuse and go to her father’s house because her father is in jail. And the TikTok star can’t also talk to her mother about anything because it’s difficult to talk to her about anything:

Talking to her is manipulative as f*ck. Everything I say to her, she turns around and makes something from your past when you were like f*cking 10. And then she just don’t stop.

After breaking into tears, Malu Trevejo reveals that she feels alone almost every day. She says she yearns for a good morning kiss from her mother but she can’t get that.

I bring myself down because she brings me down

Moreover, Malu Trevejo explains the severity of her mother’s drinking problem:

I see her drinking. I see her do nothing with her f*cking life. What is the example am I gonna get?

Malu also called out some viewers for laughing at the incidents she was telling them about

When some viewers were laughing at her pain. She called them out:

They’ve never had a freakshow of a family. They never had a toxic parent that treated you like sh*t. And then acts all nice the next day like nothing happened. And it just keeps going and going. You keep forgiving them because that’s your freaking mother. So, you keep doing it and doing it. Coz she knows you’re always going to be there for her. And I’m always going to be there for her.

Malu Trevejo says that she’ll still be there for her mother and won’t abandon her. Even if she put her through the worst of the worst, she still would be there for her parent. Then we see the cops coming over to her house:

Malu Trevejo is going through a very difficult time in her life. Hopefully, things might change for the better when she turns 18. But it would be very hard for this to happen until her mother realizes what harm she’s causing to her daughter.

We’ll keep you updated on what happens next.

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