Chris Evans Last Day as Captain America Was Kinda Boring

Normally, we would consider that wrapping up a movie would be an exciting adventure. Especially, if speculation says that it might be your last outing in a long film franchise. Naturally, anybody would want to deliver a performance that takes years before wiping out from memories. But unfortunately, that’s now how Chris Evans saw it. During the movie shooting of the Marvel adventure- Avengers 4, Chris Evans did a lot less than what we expected. What could have been an incredible screen journey was just an ordinary climax that Evans might later regret one day.

Chris Evans has wrapped up his iconic role as Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Captain America in a rather boring manner. In fact, Chris Evans is aware of it. And speaks about it in an interview quotes by the Comic Books Resources. He admitted that his final day at the movie shooting was pretty much just forgettable. While specifically targeting his last line, Chris Evans said that it was stupid and really dumb. Although Captain America could not reveal what it was, he said that it was reshot. And the little picks and pops needed just a few things. He said that the line must have been something to Paul Rudd. But he wasn’t there and it was a stupid line. Chris Evans also felt that his last day at the movie shooting of the Marvel Cinematic Universe adventure was much more memorable than his last line.

But well, even if Chris Evans had little control over it, and admits this whole thing, the end was not so much for a climax. Definitely not something Marvel should give to its loyal fans. However, Chris Evans talking about the movie shooting actually explains a lot. Maybe, that’s how reshoots almost always go. Although we perceive the reshoots to be major film-changing modifications, in reality, there are nothing more than connective tissues. And that’s probably why Evans referred to it as a stupid line.

One thing is for sure here- this last line is not how we will be remembering Captain America in the years to come!

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