Patrick Starrr’s Harsh Review of Selena Gomez’ Rare Beauty

Well, you know we all get super excited when famous beauty influencers review makeup for us. But a lot of people felt really sad to see Patrick Starrr’s review about Selena Gomez’ Rare Beauty. As the beauty guru kept on bragging about his own brand throughout the video. And at one point, he jumped from talking about Rare Beauty’s Luminizer to his brand’s advertisement popping everywhere. Anyways, let’s jump to Patrick Star’s review about Rare Beauty.

Let’s see what Patrick Starrr thinks about Selena Gomez’ Rare Beauty

Let’s just take a moment first and see how Patrick introduced Selena’s brand ‘Rare Beauty’ in the review video.

“So today I will be doing a review and try on all about the newest brand about to hit the market. And my new neighbor at Sephora, Selena Gomez with her brand Rare Beauty.”

Now we all know getting a spot at Sephora for a makeup brand’s display is very difficult. And Patrick is one of those lucky people who have it. It’s been two months since he launched his makeup brand ‘One/Size’. Selena and his team were kind enough to send Patrick the ‘Rare Beauty’ PR package. But Patrick kept on dragging his brand in the reviews.

Which confused a lot of fans as he ends up reviewing his brand instead of Selena’s.

“My ad has been seen everywhere, on Tiktok, in Time Square, on Instagram, on YouTube, I have been getting so many comments like oh my god, Patrick’s visionary ad is everywhere.’

Yes, Patrick, your ad is everywhere. But a lot of people haven’t seen it yet. And while talking about all the products from ‘Rare Beauty’, the beauty guru shared what his friends think about Selena’s brand.

“Peter and my friend said that it looks like Dior and Fenty had a baby.”

Umm, alright. So all the Rare Beauty products are really affordable and under $30 range. While Patrick was appreciating the affordability of the products, he started talking about the price of his brand’s eyeliner. Both Selena and his brand ‘One/Size’ eyeliner cost $19.

We are not done yet!

Patrick talked about the formation of the brow pencil and gel’s component. He was happy with the price range but not really happy about the packaging of the component.

“The eyebrow pencil was twist and the pull. And then over here I was twisting I was confused. I have to like reset my brain. Do you guys know what I mean? Like Apple products you know, when there’s like a magnetic for your laptop.

You associate these kinds of ergonomics when it comes to product development. I know I am getting a little bit nerdy. But that’s just how I have been working on my brand. Because I have a brand as well at Sephora for real.”

And then Patrick literally compared his ‘One/Size’ eyeliner with Rare Beauty.  We all know there is a slight difference in the color. But Rare Beauty’s Matte Liquid Eye Liner gives a’ matte’ effect.


“This one right here guys is Rare and this is Point Made by One Size beauty. And I think I prefer mine over rare. And One/Size beauty has a little bit of comfort grip.”

So he really jumped from talking about the eyeliner composition and then its component packaging. And in the end, he said if you want more drama, use One/Size eyeliner.

“Overall, I love the brand. It’s really clean, it’s really fresh. It’s very natural. I have to kind of learn the Rare routine in my mind to work with all the liquids first. Cuz Selena Gomez and Rare just love that liquid, Liquid , Liquid, Liquid, Liquid look.”

We know Patrick likes to do bake and cake. So he was kind of struggling by using all the liquid products. Selena might be coming with more products like compact powder in the near future. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and see what will be in store for us.

Last but not the least, Patrick recommends his fans the Liquid concealer, Liquid blush, lip balm, and Luminizer from Rare Beauty. I personally liked all the products. Let us know what’s your take on Selena’s Rare Beauty.

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