Who does Nina Dobrev choose | Damon or Stephan Salvatore?

A Nostalgic moment for the fans!

For the longest time since The Vampire Diaries, fans often ask Nina Dobrev who she would choose out of the Salvatore Brothers. While her real-life choice was obvious with her relationship with Ian Somerhalder, the fictional, not so much. Being Elena Gilbert she infamously told Damon it’s always going to be Stephan but then she fell in love with Damon. So where does hotshot Paul Wesley stand in this? Do you guys really want to know? It seems that Nina has given her word. She is choosing now. And fans of the hit CW show, The Vampire Diaries, are here for it. Recently, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley shared their new venture into the alcohol industry – The Brothers Bond Bourban. And E! News shared their picture with high spirits. Their exact question:

POV: You’re Elena on The Vampire Diaries. Who are you choosing?

And guess what guys! Elena has spoken!

Nina Dobrev Chooses Bourbon between Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley

The choice must have been tough for Nina Dobrev no doubt. But we do think that between someone who is an ex-boyfriend and a friend who is married, Bourbon is the safe option. Fans had a hoot and a half with the news as they contain their excitement. Just look at these comments for instance. There’s a fan who says The Brothers Bond Bourbon is actually the mature choice.

And while Nina Dobrev has spoken, there’s a tough competition among the fans going on who they would pick. We are definitely Team Damon.

So, it looks like people have their good boy, bad boy priorities straight. And we congratulate our two hunky vampire brothers on their new venture. Elena or no Elena, it’s proven that the boys have got their brotherhood secure. And it seems like Nina Dobrev choosing Bourbon is best for everyone involved. Who do you pick out of Damon or Stephan, let us know!

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