Christopher Nolan Reacts To Robert Pattinson’s Batman Casting

The news of Robert Pattinson playing Batman took the internet with a storm. And now that we’ve seen how he actually looks like as the caped crusader, people are really hyped for what’s to come in 2022. But, what does the director of the most iconic Batman trilogy of all time has to say? Let’s hear how Christopher Nolan reacted to Pattinson’s casting as Batman.

Christopher Nolan did not help Robert Pattinson with Batman at all

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While speaking to Singaporean Network CNA, Nolan reveals that he let Pattinson use his own creativity in redefining Batman. He did not want his own preconceived notions of the caped crusader to effect Pattinson’s ideas. Nolan revealed:

“He certainly did not ask me for any advice. We kept a respectful silence around the issue ’til very near the end of the shoot.”

However, that didn’t mean Nolan banned the use of the B-word in front of Pattinson. In fact, Christopher Nolan mentioned that the two often joked about it:

“We said a couple of things and made a couple of jokes. We did have a little bit of a conversation about the various aspects of what he was going to be putting himself through. But I was thrilled that he was cast. I think that he’ll do an amazing job and I’m really excited to see what he does with that character.”

And Christopher Nolan is well aware of the acting talent that Robert Pattinson possesses. This is because the two worked on Nolan’s upcoming and highly anticipated film ‘Tenet’. Despite COVID-19, it’s production was complete and the movie was released in theatres on the 27th of August 2020 in Montreal. Even though it’ll be a while before we see Pattinson as Batman, it’ll be a treat to see him perform in ‘Tenet’ under Nolan’s guidance.

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